Yggdrasil Gaming Explores the Fine Art-Deco World

Yggdrasil Gaming is preparing for special weeks ahead with the help of its diverse portfolio and riveting gambling offerings. It recently unveiled its latest slot title called Syncronite bringing premium mechanic and graphics for everyone to enjoy. The Splitz mechanic is projected to make this offering one of the popular ones.

The online gambling leader has solidified its presence on the global gaming market with its frequently enhanced gaming portfolio and the efforts put into its creation and enhancement. Its latest title is called Syncronite and it will be one of the last ones for this year. However, it is projected to be a memorable one both with its features and its premium mechanic Yggdrasil Gaming is renowned for.


Syncronite is here to stay and transform any regular gaming session into a special experience. It is inspired by art-deco and it is sure to please individuals with an eye for these things. The premium feeling it has aims to give its patrons. Every detail part of this game has seen the careful work of the people creating it.

Individuals will enjoy the special music transporting them into an art-deco world while also enjoying the visually pleasing details of the game. The diamonds part of this new title have also been designed in a way that reflects the overall feel of Syncronite. The game also brings intriguing features to the table, making it possible for individuals to explore the Splitz mechanic and benefit from its generosity.

With the help of this technology, any symbol appearing on the reels could turn into several smaller ones, essentially splitting the potential they have and multiplying it. This makes it easier and more likely for players to win big in a matter of seconds. What should be pointed out is that the special mechanic is available on synchronized reels only. As a result, players have the chance to land these special symbols on multiple reels.

Splitz Mechanic

Syncronite could bring up to six reels in the game filled with the special Splitz symbols, multiplying chances of winning big. They could grow from 729 up to 21,168 in a matter of seconds, resulting in a special gaming session online. Individuals exploring this riveting game should also keep in mind its synchronized reels.

They can all land an identical set of symbols and trigger Big Win potential. The pace of gaming is fast and visually pleasing, adding to the list of benefits of this slot title. Yggdrasil Gaming has been implementing the Splitz mechanic in several of its latest titles, such as Neon Rush, another player favorite issued over the past few months. This month was a special one, as it saw the official issuing of a new slot title.

Moley Moolah came to fruition in collaboration with Reflex Gaming and it joined the YG Masters portfolio of premium titles. It transports players to the village of Molesworth where they get to meet the slot title’s mascot – the mole that could make them richer in no time.

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