Dishonest Casinos: Blacklisted and Non-recommended casino list

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Blacklisted Casinos

When browsing through you can find an abundance of credible, play-worthy casinos which accept Canadian players. From new online casinos which show all the positive signs of future market leading sites to established well-known brands like publicly traded Mr. Green or  William Hill which has been operating as a UK bookie for more than 80 years. Sadly though, not all online casinos are honest. The industry is filled with operators who are in it to make a quick buck and disappear. Although the casino industry is highly profitable, some companies don’t settle for the fact the house always wins, and try to earn more money via different schemes, scams, and malpractices.
Don’t let this discourage you from online gaming. While we recommend using caution when choosing an online gaming site, at the end of the day most casinos abide by the rules and requirements of the gambling regulatory bodies, and use fair software providers like Microgaming, Net Entertainment and Playtech.

How do dishonest casinos operate?

There are many ways in which an online casino be dishonest. Some of these things mean it is an outright scam (a rogue casino), while others indicate it is simply not a good casinos to play in that doesn’t appreciate its clients. Here are the most common fault we have discovered in online casinos:

  • Lack of fair gaming: Casinos that use obscure gaming platforms which aren’t tested and licensed properly, and aren’t regulated by any authority (and thus, their game-play winnings are not audited by a third party that confirms the fairness of play).
  • Casino bonus fraud: Some casinos which offer welcome bonuses or other forms of bonuses, but in fact, offer lower bonuses than advertised (or no bonuses at all).
  • Not paying back winnings: Some casinos will try to make the process as difficult as can possibly be to discourage players from withdrawing winnings, and some will simply refuse to pay back using odd excuses.
  • Lack of privacy: Many casinos sell your private details to other other online casinos, so they can advertise to you. In most cases, you would only know this in-retro, as casinos usually sell their client lists after they shut down.
  • Lack of response: When a casino’s customer service cannot be reached, players are “stuck”. They can’t deposit or withdraw for prolonged periods.
  • False advertising: Casinos which claim to have features  or traits they actually don’t possess. Some rogue casinos claim to have licences in remote jurisdictions which don’t even offer gaming licenses!
  • Stolen software: Some casinos simply “rip-off” existing software instead of applying for a license. This results in games that appear to be genuine, operating on a different, untested, gaming engine.
  • Not paying business partners: Affiliate websites, like this one, are making their earning via the referral of clients to gaming operators. When casinos aren’t paying their closest business partners, it is only reasonable to believe they wouldn’t pay their clients.

Dishonest and rogue casino list 2024

Casino Name Fault
FutureBet Group: Doms Casino, Big Daddys Casino, US Star Casino and more Not paying player winnings
Gate N.V Group: City Club Casino, City Tower Casino and more Dishonest T&C
Sunny Group: Miami Beach Casino, Goldgate Casino Not paying player winnings
Winner Casino Dishonest T&C
Netad / Affective Group: WinPalace Casino, Casino Titan, Golden Cheery Casino, Slots of Fortune and more Dishonest T&C
AmigoTechs Casino Unfair gaming odds
Moore Games Casino Not paying player winnings
EU Casino / SkillsOnNet Software Unfair gaming odds
Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker Staff member stole millions from unsuspecting poker players
Start Your Own Casino Unfair gaming odds
Oyster Gaming Casinos Unfair gaming odds
Transnet Casino (MGM) Unfair gaming odds
Cleopatra Casino Unfair gaming odds
Oceans Online Casino Not paying player winnings
Otobet Fake software games Fake casino pretending to be Bwin
WinAsDealer Not paying player winnings
World Wide Wagering Fake software games
Sierra Star Group: Sierra Star Casino, Nuts Poker, Royal Dice Casino and more Not paying player winnings
Casniova Group: 7 Heaven Casino, Golden Trmp, Slots Alley and more Unfair gaming odds

Concluding words

Online casinos offer a great opportunity to casino players who wish to experience the thrill of gaming without the need to travel. There are a lot of great casinos which have been operating in an impeccable manner for years now. There are plenty of dishonest casinos as well that will steal or withhold their clients’ money, tune down the payout percentages, advertise false terms, or stop paying their business partners.

Be very selective about the online casinos you decide to play with, and use website like ours to find the best online casinos in Canada. Happy gaming.


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5 months ago

How do you get money back if it goes missing from account I woke up and my winnings from spincity were gone and they refused to provide proof I played it with play history and then ignored me then said I needed to verify my account I didn’t feel comfortable giving a copy of my Id at that point. It was 1500 I needed to pay rent with since I’m on leave from work and am broke

Leanne Duce
Leanne Duce
6 months ago

I have been robbed from Spin Casino mobile ad now they are doing really suspicious activity since.
I play this online casino every day and have not had this happen. Lost a million twice yesterday. Where in Alberta Canada do i report this?

5 months ago
Reply to  Leanne Duce

I was robbed from spincity casino 1500 I woke up and it was gone they said I played it I was like how I was unconscious and they wouldn’t give me proof with play history they refused to do that. It was needed for rent I was excited.

11 months ago

Add playojo to the list. They will take your deposit but will not let you withdraw your winnings. Customer support is so horrible you have to email then wait days for a response. There is no live support. They tell you to deposit more money to verify your account. But will not let you withdraw your winnings. Customer support said we will send a wire transfer I send requested documents. Then another customer support member says go ahead request withdraw I do same shit it freezes. Hundreds of the same complaints. Do not play on playojo.

Last edited 11 months ago by Liz
Jamie fast
Jamie fast
1 year ago

I would advise at all costs to avoid casino rewards / Captain Cooks Casino and all the casinos under their umbrella . That casino should have been Crooks Casino cause that’s what is is . I have been playing on there since 2018 . I have had one cash withdrawal at the beginning but nothing since . I have now admitted defeat and will not go back down roughly 30k . I have never seen anything like it . So please do t get taken like I did .


1 year ago

oishi is the worst i started with 30$ NO BONUSES was up at 800$ ended up cashing out 200$ no problem another 30$put in im at 1000 dollars they wont let me withdrAW saying i need to play my initial deposit x3 even with no bonuses they are the worst scammers i seen

1 year ago
Reply to  Karl

Hello Karl. Can you please send us your Casino username so we can get in touch with Casino Representative in order to help you regarding your issue?

2 years ago

i was just playing Hyper Star on jackpotcity i got 32 free spins after about 3 spins during my free spins i got a bonus i’ve done this a million times put my phone down and when i went back to my game its usually there or it will say on the games screen when i long back in what i won but my free spins gone and my bonus i thought wired i made a couple spins relized it wasn’t my free spins then i looked at my balance and i thought what did i get on bonus so… Read more »

Remco Lovendie
Remco Lovendie
3 years ago

Also include on your list, BCLC’s online casino. They are dishonest, spy on people and ruin their credit ratings.

Val morris
Val morris
3 years ago
Reply to  Remco Lovendie

agreed regarding