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Submitting a Complaint About an Online Casino

Experiencing issues with an online casino? We can help! Whether it’s a problem with game fairness, payment processing, or customer service, it’s important to know that you have the right to submit a complaint and we will do our best to resolve the situation by contacting the casino in question on your behalf.

We provide this service free of charge with the ultimate goal to provide transparency with online gambling operators so Canadians can be assured they are treated fairly when playing online.

How Does it Work?

Step 1: Contact the Casino’s Customer Support

Initially, reach out to the casino’s customer support team. Explain your issue clearly and provide any evidence you have. If the issue can not be resolve and you believe you are being treated unfairly, proceed with filing a complaint with us.

Step 2: Gather Documentation

Before you submit a complaint, gather all relevant information and documents. This may include:

  • Your account details (username, registered email).
  • Date and time of the incident.
  • Screenshots, game logs, or email correspondence that can support your claim.
  • Details of any conversations with casino support staff.
  • Details of terms and conditions listed on the casino website

Step 3: Fill Out the Complaint Form

When filling out the complaint form below, be as detailed as possible so we can approach the casino in question with a clear representation of your situation.

Step 4: A Mediator is Assigned to Your Case

Once we receive your complaint, we will assign a dedicated member who may contact you for more information about your case to clarify any details. Your complaint will then be fairly assessed for validity. This process may take up to 48 hours.

Step 5: Casino is Contacted

Our dispute resolution team will work with you and the casino in question to try to come to a resolution.

Will This Really Work?

You may be asking if there’s any point in lodging a complaint in the first place. It is in a casino’s best interest to keep their reputation in tact, so by lodging a public complaint, they are inclined to respond and resolve the situation as best as possible.

Note:Β Dispute resolutions with casinos may take some time as cases can range in complexity.

Tips for a Successful Resolution

Be Clear and Concise: When describing your issue, be clear and stick to the facts.

  • Stay Calm and Professional: Maintain a professional tone in all communications.
  • Keep Records: Document all interactions with the casino for future reference.
  • Know Your Rights: Understand the terms and conditions of the online casino and your rights as a player.
  • Patience is Key: These processes can take time, so be patient but persistent.

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