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Vanilla is a prepaid debit card that can either be a Mastercard or Visa, depending on which you choose or who you purchase it from. They are often used as gift cards, as a budgeting tool for people who are just starting out, or by those whose finances are on the mend. However, they also make a great deposit method for almost all online casinos.

Although you can’t buy Vanilla cards online, they are available at thousands of retail locations all over Canada. Once purchased or refilled, they can be used to make online purchases or in-person purchases at local retailers. Most Canadian online casinos accept either Visa, Mastercard, or both.

Top Vanilla Prepaid Casinos

The difference between Vanilla Pre-paid and Debit or Credit Cards

Prepaid cards are not linked to bank or credit union share accounts like a debit card. Cardholders can only spend the money they actually have loaded on the card. You won’t have to face overdraft fees if your balance is insufficient for the purchase as the transaction will simply be declined.

Prepaid cards are even more different from credit cards. Visa, Mastercard, and others have many different products with prepaid, debit, and credit cards being the most common. You can’t borrow money with a prepaid card as you would when you make a charge against a credit card. Vanilla does not offer credit or overdraft services. You can only spend the money you have already loaded onto your card in advance of the purchase.

In Canada, the main Vanilla card issuer is Peoples Trust Company of Vancouver. They operate under a license from Mastercard International and Visa International Service Association.

Vanilla Fees

Vanilla vendors, such as Mac’s, Jean Coutu, Petro-Canada, and Best Buy charge a small fee when you purchase and activate a card. The minimum fee is $3.95. Cards come in predetermined denominations.

Prepaid cards can be purchased in the following denominations:

  • Mastercard – $25, $50, $100, $200
  • Visa – $50, $75, $100, $150, $250
  • OneVanilla Mastercard – $20 – $500

To learn more, please visit Vanilla Prepaid

Our online casinos do not charge a transaction fee for depositing with prepaid cards. The card provider may charge a small percentage of the transaction as a foreign transaction fee.

How to acquire a Prepaid Vanilla Card

If you have seen the Vanilla logo at your favorite retailer you can purchase a card there. If you’d like to look for a nearby vendor you can visit Vanilla Prepaid Where to Buy and click on one of the store logos to find locations near you. While this is not the most efficient method of finding a retailer, Vanilla doesn’t offer an interactive map or location service on the website.

You can also look at the racks or displays of prepaid and gift cards, take the denomination you want to the cashier, and purchase the card. When you pay for the card it will be activated.

Since the cards come in predetermined denominations you may need to purchase more than one card and make multiple deposits into your account.

How to Deposit using Prepaid Vanilla Card

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Simply navigate to the casino banking, deposit, or cashier section and choose Visa or Mastercard, depending on the logo you see on the card. Enter the card number and expiration date, and the name of the bank (Peoples Trust or Bancorp) and the amount you plan to deposit. You may be required to log in to the Vanilla website and register a postal code, and then enter that in the casino cashier but this is not always required.

If you have a $250 card and only want to deposit $100, that’s not a problem. A balance of $150 will remain on your card. However, it’s a good idea to note the minimum deposit amount and not allow your card balance to go below that as there is no way to combine balances of different cards. If the minimum deposit is $35 and your balance is only $25 you will need to spend the balance elsewhere.

While the Vanilla Prepaid Visa and Mastercards are the same as cash and completely anonymous, you will need to register your valid details with the casino in order to create an account or cash out your winnings.

Cashing Out with Vanilla

It is currently not possible for online casinos to pay back to prepaid cards. Please make sure you have an alternate withdrawal method available before making a deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vanilla

No. Your card is already activated when you purchase it.

Not really. However, you can buy a Vanilla Reload from your retailer and then add those funds to your current card. This can save time and effort on future deposits because you wonโ€™t have to enter all new numbers for each deposit.

Log inย to your account online and go to the โ€œAssign Postal Codeโ€ page.

There are no fees to own or use your card after the $3.95 activation fee. If the card remains idle for more than a year, a maintenance fee of $3.95 may be charged each month from the 13th month onward.

All transactions made in a foreign currency will incur a foreign exchange service fee of 2.5%.

The funds will never expire. If your card expiry date passes and you still have funds on your card, contact customer service and they will send you a new card with your funds on it.

Vanilla Prepaid Conclusion

  • The cards are inexpensive and easy to use
  • Deposits are instant
  • Cooling off period between buying the card and making a deposit
  • Added security with no connection to bank or credit union accounts
  • Lost or stolen cards are protected
  • Visa and Mastercard accepted at thousands of online sites

Although you won’t be able to withdraw winnings to the card, there are other methods of getting your money out. Bank transfers, Bitcoin, and paper checks are some of the most common ways to withdraw winnings after a winning Vanilla prepaid deposit.

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