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NETELLER no longer works in Canada.  Contrary to what some online casinos might advertise, Neteller will not work! Read this article to find alternatives.

Neteller has long been a popular payment method option for Canadian online casino players offering both convenience and security. You have a choice in the way you can add funds to your Neteller account and transferring money to your casino account is also very easy to do. Neteller offers additional security not requiring players to share and store their financial details with the online casino.

recommended_neteller_online_casinosWith PayPal not operating in Canada for online casino funding, Neteller’s longevity and reliability as an e-wallet have made it the e-wallet method of choice for many Canadians.

What are the advantages of using Neteller

what_are_the_advantages_of_using_netellerEasy to set up:: The process involved in setting up a Neteller account is very easy, which is why so many Canadian players choose Neteller online casinos.

Security: Neteller operates as a layer between your credit card or bank and the online casino meaning there is no need to store your credit card or other financial details with an online casino – especially important if you have accounts at more than one site. Neteller also employs some of the most sophisticated 128-bit encryption in the industry as well as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to help protect your privacy.

Anonymity: Any deposits you make at an online casino will not show up on your credit card or bank account transactions unlike deposits

Great withdrawal options: Neteller offers a range of withdrawal options from your Neteller account. You also have the option of applying for Net+, a pre-paid MasterCard that is linked to your account (for a one-off fee). This can be either a virtual or plastic card and operates in the same way as conventional credit/card; both can be used online while the plastic card is accepted in retail outlets and can be used at ATMs to withdraw cash.

Rewards and Referrals: Neteller itself is always keen for more users and offers a reward program for customers who refer users to its service. Similarly, Neteller is a preferred payment method at a number of our recommended casinos such as Jackpot City Casino enabling players to get a preferred payment method bonus

make_your_first_01How to set up a Neteller account

The procedure involved in setting up a new Neteller account is as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Click ‘Join for Free’ or ‘Sign Up’ button
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Choose Canada and select your home province
  5. Select CAD$ from Desired Account Currency menu
  6. Enter your personal details, address and date of birth
  7. Create a unique password; you will be asked to confirm this
  8. You will then be asked to choose three security questions for which you need to provide answers (it’s a good idea to print a copy of this so you don’t forget them and find yourself locked out of your account)
  9. make_your_first_02Accept the Neteller Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and click Continue
  10. You will then receive an Account ID, which is used to sign into your account (your email address can also be used)
  11. You will also receive a Neteller Secure ID, which you will need when depositing or withdrawing funds at a Neteller casino
  12. Your account details are now available to view
  13. Make your first deposit into your new Neteller account

How to add funds to a Neteller account

There’s a large variety of methods for adding funds to your Neteller account. Some methods are free of charge, others incur a fee, which is a percentage of the transaction. 

Depositing Types

% Fee

Mastercard 1.9-4.9
Bank Transfer Free
Visa Credit Card 1.9-4.9%
Visa Debit 1.9-4.9%

How to withdraw funds from a Neteller account

  • Withdraw cash from an ATM using your Net+ card
  • Via Member Wire, where the funds are electronically transferred to your bank account (this can take between 2-10 days, and a fee is incurred)
  • Via bank check, which is sent to your home address

Withdrawal Types

% Fee

Bank Transfer Free
Bank Draft 7.5 – 25 Euros
Member Wire 10.5 Euros
Merchants Sites Free

How to deposit and withdraw at a Neteller casino

Using Royal Vegas as an example follow these steps:

  1. Log into your casino account
  2. Go to ‘Banking
  3. Click the ‘Deposit’ tab
  4. Select Neteller as the payment method from the menu
  5. Enter your Neteller Account and Secure ID
  6. Enter the amount you’re depositing
  7. Click the ‘Deposit’ button

In order to withdraw funds from online casinos that accept Neteller, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the ‘Bank’ tab
  2. Select ‘Withdrawal
  3. From the withdrawal method menu, select or enter Neteller
  4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw
  5. Click ‘Withdraw’ to complete your transaction

Please note: As of 22 February 2021, the following Fee will apply:

  • Foreign exchange Fee – 4.49% per transaction added to the NETELLER wholesale exchange rates.
  • Withdrawal Fee from NETELLER Account to a Skrill Account – 3.49% per transaction.

Corporate Background

corporate_backgroundNeteller is operated by the Paysafe Group, formally Optimal Payments, the same company behind Paysafecard and Skrill. Now based out of the Isle of Man Neteller is not a bank and does not lend customers funds. It is required to maintain customers funds in separate accounts from its operating cash. Neteller is the corporate sponsor of Crystal Palace football club.

Concluding words on Neteller

The most positive aspects of using Neteller are its ease of use, the variety of methods for adding funds, and the enhanced security levels. Adding funds to your Neteller account is simple and quick to do and players have the advantage of knowing that, being an e-wallet they have additional control over their bankroll. Also, not having your financial details stored with your online casino can give additional peace of mind. Ultimately, these factors combine to make playing at a Neteller casino one of the most efficient ways to play.


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