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When looking to play at a casino we know that one of the most important considerations is the ability to actually deposit some money on a site. One thing that most people usually have in their wallet is a credit card and especially VISA – one of the world’s trusted and biggest financial institutions. VISA credit card is one of the most popular payment methods for online casinos today, offering a number of advantages to Canadian players.


It is actually quite common these days for banks to refuse online gambling transactions with VISA.  So while many online casinos advertise that they accept VISA, chances of transactions going through are quite slim.  Read here for more information.

Top Casinos Which Accept Visa

Advantages of using VISA

there_are_a_number_of_advantagesThere are a number of advantages for using VISA as a depositing method at a casino

1) Popularity: VISA credit card is one of the most widely accepted methods offered by casinos for you to make a deposit.

2) Withdrawal Back: Another great advantage of using VISA is that many online casinos will allow you to withdraw any funds/winnings from your casino account back to your VISA credit card. You don’t need to withdraw back via bank transfer as can be the case when using some of the more obscure payment methods.

3) Anti-Fraud: Good credit card companies such as VISA are known for their rock solid security and anti-fraud policies. If you think you’ve been charged for something you shouldn’t have, or detect some fraudulent activity on your VISA credit card then customer support will normally cancel that charge, or act upon the fraud almost immediately.

Disadvantages of using VISA

1) Anonymity: The main disadvantage of using a VISA casino is that your activity at an online casino won’t be anonymous, with the details of your deposit/withdrawals to and from a casino appearing on your monthly statement. However often it won’t state the casino name but rather the holding company of the casino giving you some degree of anonymity. If complete anonymity is important then it may be best using pre-paid card – see our PaySafeCard casinos as an example

How to make a deposit using VISA at an online casino:

Using a credit card to deposit at a Canadian online casino site is just like using a credit card to make any online transaction – you enter your card details, the amount you want to deposit and then wait for the transaction to be approved. If you’ve ever bought anything online with your VISA credit card then, depositing at an online casino won’t pose any problems. Still, here’s a walk-through at one of our top VISA casinos – Royal Vegas

1) One logged in either on flash casino or download casino – press the ‘Bank’ Button
2) Click on deposit next to the Credit Card icons
3) Enter your card details including number, name on card, expiration, CVC number etc.
4) Wait for the site to approve details
5) Enter the amount you want to deposit
6) Wait for the site to conduct processing
7) Start playing!

Bottom Line on VISA Casinos

It’s the omnipresent financial brand, a logo as recognizable as Coca Cola or McDonald’s, and it’s now one of the most popular and widely accepted casino payment methods. If you’ve got one in your wallet and you’re ok with your casino activity showing on your statement then there’s no simpler way to make a deposit at a Canadian online casino.

Author Tom Wilson

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