NYS Mobile Sports Betting Could Make Tax Hike Redundant

New York State mobile sports betting has been among the widely discussed topics over the past few years. Some individuals oppose the proposed gaming expansion, while others support it such as the recent conversation on the subject. Democratic member of the New York State Assembly Angelo Santabarbara pointed out that mobile sports wagering is the way to go.

For quite a while now, New Yorkers have been looking forward to the legalization of mobile sports wagering that would make it possible for individuals to place their wagers in the most convenient of ways – via their smartphones. This is expected to make the gaming offering a more popular one within the borders of New York State.

Mobile Sports Betting

Mobile sports wagering is expected to make it possible for substantially more individuals to place wagers on sports events, as they would not need to make their way to a casino location featuring a sports betting lounge. Staying as competitive in an ever-changing gaming world is essential for the gaming offerings of a given state.

Players should feel like they have their expectations met, in order to keep coming back for more and exploring the offerings available within the borders of the state. When it comes to New York State, this is not the case, as it leaves a lot to be desired in comparison to neighboring states such as Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The unprecedented situation led to the temporary suspension of operation across all brick-and-mortar casino locations and gambling halls back in March 2020 and this negatively impacted the gambling revenue generated by them. The state coffers are also suffering and there is a US$15-billion deficit to be covered. Projections are that this year will bring more hardship. Assemblymember Santabarbara sees a light at the end of the tunnel and this could be the introduction of mobile sports wagering to the people of New York State.

Growing Support

The idea is not a new one, as efforts in this direction have been made over the past years, but it becomes more important as the state is looking for alternative revenue sources. Back in 2020, he proposed his bill called Emergency School Relief Act of 2020 aiming to swell the education aid coming from the New York State lottery by 30 percent.

Now he is willing to see the benefits coming from mobile sports wagering, based on the positive results in-person sports betting brought. The unprecedented situation shifted the focus on online operation, making the proposed mobile offering more viable. Mr. Santabarbara said that illegal mobile sports wagering has been happening for years and people are pursuing it. Legalizing it will essentially make it redundant and redirect bets to the benefit of all parties involved.

Projections are that legalized mobile sports betting could produce up to US$900,000,000 for the state coffers, local communities, and the state schools. Commercial casinos have also been looking forward to the legalization, as they will also benefit from the mobile platform. It will come with player protection making sure that problem gambling tendencies are kept under control.

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