La Ronde’s L’International des feux Loto-Quebec Makes Montreal a Sight to Behold

Montreal is immersed in light and spectacular fireworks at this time of the year and this comes as no surprise, as this has been the case over the past 35 years. La Ronde’s L’International des feux Loto-Quebec is already in full swing and transforming the area of Montreal with its multicultural spirit. The Steward Museum is one of the locations that offer excellent views and also has something to add to the experience.

Loto-Quebec is known for its lottery and casino operation across the province of Quebec, but it is also engaged in various entertainment projects with more family-friendly nature. June 29 saw the official start of this festival bringing together various cultures from all four corners of the world. With the art of fireworks, organizers can play out an entire story and showcase advanced pyrotechnics for everyone to see.

Loto-Quebec Meets All Expectations

The companies participating in it represent their country via the special show and compete with rival companies. On an annual basis, some three million individuals make it to the special festival, finding the best locations for watching it. The Stewart Museum is one of the vantage points of Montreal that provides some of the best views during the fireworks show.

In order to facilitate people ready to watch the show there, the museum also works with special working hours, extended all the way to 10 p.m. every Wednesday. Starting July 3, people have the chance to enjoy longer working hours along with the fireworks show that transforms the area. The special Illuminated Evenings are projected to extend all the way to July 24.

In order to step up its game, the museum introduces the special offer between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. All adults have to pay CA$5 on admission, whereas children under the age of 12 are free to enter the special events free-of-charge. People interested in enhancing their fireworks filled evenings will have the chance to enjoy the History and Memory exhibition among others.

Fireworks Show and New Knowledge

The museum also offers the outdoor tour The Fort on St. Helen’s Island starting every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. for English speakers. The French version of this very tour starts at 6:30 p.m. There is also the participatory space called It’s summer in Montreal, elevating the experience even further.

The courtyard also offers various activities and games for everyone to enjoy. This year saw the 35th edition of the fireworks show and July 3 saw a special South Korea show called Dreaming in Montreal. Only three days after that Montreal welcomed the vibrant nature of Italy boosted even further by Parente Fireworks Group.

July 10 is going to be the next fireworks thematic evening dedicated to the rich Portuguese culture and the even richer TV show classics atmosphere. The United States would be praised on July 17 with the theme of jungle and adventure. The last fireworks show part of this international competition would be dedicated to Australia. On July 24 the breathtaking Shapeshifter show is scheduled to bring the festival to its end.

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