Gateway Casinos Wants to See CA$60m Starlight Casino Sudbury

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment recently made it clear it is determined to see its Sudbury operation thrive in the foreseeable future. A new casino venue overseen by the casino operator could see its construction greenlighted in the upcoming years, but the gaming giant stated that the delays have not discouraged it from pursuing this goal.

Casino development and the construction of new complexes is crucial for the progress Gateway Casinos is seeking to achieve. It recently became clear that the past few months have not discouraged the casino operator from its goal to continue its operation in Sudbury and build its independent casino complex with well-rounded offerings in the region. Robert Mitchell, a spokesperson for Gateway Casinos, shed more light.

Sudbury Development

The past few weeks have been quite turbulent for Gateway Casinos, as its plans to go public were scrapped. Leisure Acquisition Corporation had plans to purchase the Canadian casino operator in a multimillion deal. Following months of inaction and uncertainty during the lockdown, the deal was scrapped mid-July,Β and plans for going public were once again left aside.

Neither of the parties revealed the reasons for this failed arrangement, but speculations have been made regarding the reasons. The lockdown mandated the closure of all brick-and-mortar casino venues overseen by Gateway Casinos and the lack of gaming revenue flow might have had an impact on the deal among other factors. Now that the province of Ontario is gradually returning to its normal pace of work and reopening is in progress, the casino leader is also ready for action.

Robert Mitchell, a spokesperson for Gateway Casinos, stated that Gateway Casinos is ready to make the best of the situation and stay on top of things. Its projects will be boosted in the upcoming months, once this becomes possible. This is a responsibility the casino operator has to its stakeholders across Canada.

Projects on Hold

Mr. Mitchell also pointed out that the casino operator has been working hard to relaunch the family-friendly dining offerings coming with every casino venue. This has guaranteed steady employment to the people associated with their day-to-day work. Gateway Casinos has also negotiated mutually beneficial arrangements with the labor unions protecting the rights of some of its casino staff members.

The casino operator is planning to see the completion of its CA$60-million project part of the controversial Kingsway Entertainment District and it became clear that the delays have not discouraged its management. Its construction could commence in the upcoming years, once the Superior Court issues its ruling. The Local Planning Appeals Tribunal is projected to enter its next phase this fall. September 17 is scheduled to see the next hearing date on the Kingsway Entertainment District subject.

The Superior Court is expected to have its say ahead of that date and make things clear for local opponents such as Tom Fortin, a local businessman. He claims that the impact of the future Starlight Casino Sudbury overseen by Gateway Casinos has not been thoroughly studied by local officials.

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