BCLC Electrified Online Space with Virtual Sports

British Columbia Lottery Corporation is seeking ways in which it could attract a wider crowd of online gaming enthusiasts and keep them engaged in its gaming products for longer periods of time. One of the ways in which this could happen is with the popular virtual sports and all the entertainment and betting opportunities they provide.

Online gaming has experienced a surge of individuals exploring its diverse nature and often finding something new on a daily basis. This is true, as more people find themselves with more free time on their hands and they are ready to try something new. The unprecedented situation around the globe has led to the cancelation or postponement of various large sports tournaments.

Wagering on Virtual Sports

It is no secret to anyone that those live sports events offered enthusiasts the chance to wager on the outcome of the event, as well as on many additional factors and variables related to the live event. The cancelation has led to significant demand for events allowing wagers to be placed. This is where virtual sports and competitive video gaming enter the field.

Betting enthusiasts have the opportunity to wager on esports and virtual sports whenever they feel like it and Canadians are known for their appreciation of competitive video gaming. Now British Columbia Lottery Corporation is ready to diversify the online gaming field with its very own selection of virtual sports welcoming wagers on a daily basis. British Columbians will now have the chance to participate in wagering on virtual sports games inspired by real action.

They range from horse racing and car races to soccer events, and motor biked races. Individuals interested in horse racing should take into account that Horses GO is their virtual horse race on-demand, allowing them to place bets whenever they feel like it. It introduces 12 horses, as well as a wide array of bets that could be placed.

Cars, Horse Racing

Cars GO introduces 12 cars and drivers at the beginning of every race with special dynamic bets along with the regular ones. All of the virtual sports come with their randomly occurring bonus events that could multiply bet returns with the help of the bonus wheel. The same goes for Soccer GO and Speedway GO gaming offerings available up for grabs.

Players place a bet ahead of the virtual sporting event and hope for the best, while the random number generator determines the outcome of the event. It should be taken into account that players without experience in live betting could also participate and use virtual sports as a form of training that could be useful down the road.

Every event is unaffected by previous ones, making the wagering process a simplified one. British Columbia Lottery Corporation will be able to provide this virtual sports wagering product all year-round, regardless of the situation on a global level. In this sense, virtual sports wagering an alternative of live pari-mutuel sports wagering currently legal within the borders of Canada.

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