Tioga Downs Invests US$25,692 in Neighboring County

Tioga Downs Casino and Resort has supported the local community in various ways throughout the years, seeking excellence and better conditions for everyone. The Broome County Library is among the beneficiaries of the casino hotspot and its grant fueling development. Some US$25,692 in the form of a grant is going to fuel its operation and further enhance the library.

Casino gaming and horse racing have always shown their support to the host communities in various ways, be it through diverse initiatives, projects, gaming revenue allocations, and so much more. Nichols, New York is the region benefitting from both the gambling and harness racing activity taking place at the hotspot. The most recent support went to the Broome County Library.

Broome County Library

Tioga Downs Casino and Resort aims to improve the region and support it in any way possible, as giving back to the community makes it a valuable part of it. The recently announced grant amounts to US$25,692 and it is going to be used for different improvements to the local public library. As it recently became clear, this amount is going to facilitate the purchase of new equipment.

This includes the introduction of new keyboards enhanced for typing in the dark, as well as making the process easier. Desks available at the library will also have to be changed, introducing the innovative height adjustment option, making it possible for people to use them standing upright or for people using wheelchairs.

Along with this investment, software optimizing the daily work at the library will also improve its operation. For the visually impaired locals seeking a better understanding of the information, the library is going to boast text-to-speech high-definition cameras. Tioga Downs is also going to support it with the purchase of sensory toys, further enhancing the experience. The aforementioned amount of money will also improve access to the library.

US$25,692 Invested

One of the new improvements was the new automatic door that will make it easier for the youngest readers to access the children’s section without the hassle of opening and closing the door every time they have to enter or exit. President of the Friends of the Broome County Library, JoAnne Hanrahan, announced everything new the public library it is going to treat locals to. The announcement came soon after an important date.

Some 20 years ago on July 26, the Americans with Disabilities Act received a signature. This set the tone for improvement at the Broome County Library too. Along with this announcement, Mrs. Hanrahan also made it clear that Tioga Downs Casino and Resort should relaunch operation in the foreseeable future, so it has the capacity to support communities and various local projects.

Earlier this month, Governor Andrew Cuomo pointed out that casino venues are not considered an essential business and they will have to remain closed for the time being. A reopening date has not been pinpointed. In the meantime, tribal casinos welcome patrons on a daily basis with mandatory safety measures.

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