La Ronde’s World Renowned Fireworks Competition Enchants Montreal for the 35th Time

Celebrations are often associated with fireworks and pyrotechnics that mark a great occasion. Quebec is known for its La Ronde’s World Renowned Fireworks Competition making it truly worldwide famous. June 29 is going to bring the official start of the 35th annual edition of the spectacular fireworks show that is about to transform Montreal with its live shows.

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Six Events Transform Montreal

For the 35th consecutive year, Montreal would be absolutely lit by the breathtaking fireworks show offered by La Ronde. This year the title sponsor would be Loto-Québec whereas the collaborating sponsor is going to be Tim Hortons. According to the recently issued schedule of this live show, there would be a total of six live shows bringing an atmosphere of internationality.

Said six events are going to make it possible for all attendants to experience countries such as South Korea, Italy, Portugal, the United States, Canada, and Australia like they have never done before. The very beginning of this pyrotechnics festival is scheduled to bring homage to the year 1985 when it all started for the L’International des Feux Loto-Québec with the help of some of the biggest hits of that year. The congregation also has a competitive nature.

The pyrotechnics company that succeeds to win people’s hearts will bag the biggest recognition in the industry – the Gold Jupiter award. Such a motivation is enough to guarantee a spectacular show starting June 29. Government du Quebec is traditionally about to give a green light to the celebrations in the opening night. July 3 would see the first international tribute, to South Korea bringing the air of dreamers.

Casino de Montreal Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Only three days after that Montreal would have to welcome the vibrant nature of Italy boosted even further by Parente Fireworks Group. Portugal’s spirit is expected to be a breath of fresh air to the area on July 10 in addition to beloved TV show classics many of the spectators have grown up with. The United States would also be represented within the schedule of the festival on July 17.

The theme of that evening’s show is going to be inspired by enigmatic tales of mysterious adventures and heroes defeating all challenging situations. Canada would be represented at the festival on July 20 with a special tribute of the first man to walk the moon in July 1969, marking 50 years of this feat. As for the last one of the six events, it would be dedicated to Australia.

The land down under will transform July 24 with the special Shapeshifter show appraising mythology, folklore, and fiction. The final celebration would also celebrate Casino de Montreal’s 25th anniversary on July 27. Gregory Charles is also going to electrify the crowd enjoying the enchanting fireworks show in celebration of a quarter-century gaming operation in Quebec. At the moment, tickets retail at CA$52.99 for a limited time and guarantee you a parking spot.

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