Digitain Teams Up with RNG Pioneer for Premium Sports Betting, Casino

Digitain announced a brand new era of its online gaming and wagering offerings, the provider is teaming up with ID Quantique. Its reliable Random Number Generator would be implemented across Digitain’s sports wagering and online gaming platforms, ready to elevate the player experience on a whole new level. This move is expected to make it possible for the provider to solidify its leading position.

When it comes to remaining as competitive as possible, gaming providers are ready to go above and beyond and partner with the best in the field. ID Quantique is renowned for its long experience on the market, dating back to 2001. This is when the company pioneered the Random Number Generator field with its offering. A leading principle for the company is keeping its RNG immune to prediction or bias.

Digitain Partners with ID Quantique

The technology is applicable in a wide array of sectors, to the likes of cryptocurrency and gaming. Digitain wanted to step up its game and offer both online casino patrons and sports bettors a chance to experience the premium technology. The RNG employs quantum optics in order to deliver supreme experience thanks to the transmission of photons.

Such attention to detail guarantees that every time the generator is used, it would generate an entirely random result, solidifying the chance factor of the online gaming activities Digitain offers. Over the years, its gaming titles have received recognition across many awards in the gaming world, praising its performance throughout the years. Among the reasons for this success is the wide variety of gaming opportunities it has up for grabs.

Nearly 3,000 offerings powered by leading names in the industry could be found on its casino gaming platform. Novomatic, Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playson are only some of the providers teaming up with Digitain. The past few weeks have been quite eventful for the online gaming giant, as the last days of October saw it team up with Bet Generator.

Innovation is on Its Way

This new collaboration resulted in the introduction of an entirely new toolkit making it easy for operators to develop their offerings and make them more personal. The added functionality will be able to come up with a unique bet customized according to their particular preferences at the given time. Moreover, sports wagering fans would also have the freedom to pick between two and thirty events.

Digitain players could place their bets on as many as 65 sports, across 7,500 leagues. The provider is preparing for its next conference – the Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo in Sofia, Bulgaria. The two-day conference is about to launch on November 21 at Inter Expo Center and have on display a diverse palette of gaming offerings signature to Digitain.

The ultimate goal of this participation would be reaching potential partners and solidifying relationship with existing ones. In the meantime, the gaming powerhouse is working on Armenia’s upcoming tech hub called DigiTown. The project would aim to attract upwards of 1,500 locals and expatriates. Future operation would take place at the new hub located in the vicinity of the Yerevan airport.

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