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Many people search for Curacao casinos, and it’s not always easy for them to find a great one. For that reason and many others, we wanted to take a closer look at online casinos located on the island of Curacao or licenced by the jurisdiction of Curacao.

We’ll explain what this jurisdiction means for you as a player, and which casinos you need to join to stay safe and enjoy the highest-quality experience possible. Let’s take a look!


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Curacao Island — Netherlands Antilles

Curacao is a famous gambling island off the coast of Venezuela. It belongs to the Netherlands and has become notable for issuing licences to all sorts of gambling institutions for a very long time. Since 1996, the jurisdiction of Curacao has started issuing e-licences as well, which is why a significant number of online casinos have Curacao licences.

Even though the island is technically part of the Netherlands, by being thousands of kilometres away, they are basically perceived as an independent nation in many regards. This unique status allowed them to offer very compelling conditions for Internet iGaming companies, which is why most of them desire to get the Curacao licence.

The island of Curacao is occasionally called the Netherland Antilles, as it was part of this body until the Netherlands dissolved it in 2010. However, the name stuck to this day, so you shouldn’t be confused if you see it instead of Curacao.

Licences From the Jurisdiction of Curacao

As these licences have been awarded to online casinos for many years, most players know that casinos that boast a Curacao licence are quite safe, legitimate, and entirely trustworthy. The jurisdiction of Curacao awards a total of three distinct gaming licences:

  • Curacao eGaming
  • Gaming Curacao
  • AntillePhone NV Gaming

Naturally, these licences are not only awarded to casinos in Curacao but also to online casinos all across the globe. As long as the casino pays a specific fee and fulfils the necessary requirements, it will get the corresponding licence from the jurisdiction of Curacao.

The most important requirement is that the casino operates fairly and has the necessary systems and procedures in place to protect the personal information of all its users. The casino needs to prove they can do this and that they will continue to do so if they want to get the Curacao licence.

In most regards, the Curacao licence functions in the same way as all other notable iGaming licences. However, the Curacao one has an additional convenience of awarding a single licence for all types of casino games. This essentially means that one Curacao licence covers the casino, the poker room, and even the sportsbook.

The ‘One licence’ policy is one of the main things that make the Curacao licence so popular among the casinos worldwide and the reason the jurisdiction of Curacao has licensed more than 450 online casinos since its establishment.

The Benefits of Curacao Casinos

From everything you have read so far, we are sure that you are starting to see how beneficial it can be to play in a Curacao-licensed casino. However, there is much more you need to know about these casinos and their benefits, so let’s take a look.

Money is Always Safe

Players usually want to see a licence in a casino since that ensures their money will be safe from both hackers and illegal actions on the part of the casino itself.

Curacao has always been lauded as one of the top financial centres in the world. This transfers to the world of gambling, and it can only mean that Curacao casinos are bound to protect your money and transactions at all times.

Updates to Casinos Are Allowed

The good thing about the Curacao licence is that it allows for changes to be made to the casino. Many online casinos tend to refrain from making beneficial updates. This usually means that they have to apply for the same licence once again and undergo a long and complicated process of verification. However, that’s not the same with Curacao licences.

WIth Curacao, gaining a licence once again when a casino makes a change is much faster and more convenient. This usually means that online casinos with the Curacao licence are more willing to make a change than other casinos. Ultimately, this is good for you, as every player can only benefit from the updates and improvements the casino makes.

Top Bonuses and Promotions

Curacao casinos are known for having great welcome bonuses, as well as other time-limited promotions. Naturally, even though that’s the case, you should still check the fine print of each casino or a detailed review to ensure the wagering requirements are great. Every casino is unique, and even though it has the Curacao licence, that doesn’t always mean that the bonuses will also be great.

A Wide Range of Games

With such a convenient licence, most Curacao casinos are also known for having a wide range of games. That’s mostly because the licence allows many software providers to do business with the casino, and it also reassures providers that the casino is a legitimate one. All in all, it is a win-win situation for everyone involved, including players.

European Union Standards

As the island of Curacao is part of the Netherlands, it thus falls under the European Union as well. For that reason, you can expect the same EU standards to be respected in Curacao.

The EU is the most regulated and well-established iGaming market, and the gambling laws here are among the best in the world. This will ensure that your experience is as good and safe as it can be.

Final Verdict

Curacao casinos are quite widespread in the world, as well as in Canada. The licence the Curacao jurisdiction provides is also one of the best in the world, which is why Curacao casinos are one of the top casinos as well.

However, you should still check every casino you decide to join! There is always an occasional bad apple, so you need to check casino reviews for every casino you visit. By doing that, you are bound to end up with a great and enjoyable experience.


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