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Flexepin Online Casinos in Canada

Flexepin is a cash top-up option using a voucher that players can use to fund Canadian online casino accounts. The Novatti Group product was created to help unbanked people enjoy the same safety and security for online purchases as others enjoy.

Flexepin vouchers are available at thousands of retailers in Canada and Australia. They can also be purchased online from intermediaries such as OffGamers, CDKey, or from TopMeUp using Interac e-Transfer, Interac Online, or your bank-branded or otherwise branded Visa or Mastercard debit card. Credit card purchases are not allowed.

Shopping online or depositing at casinos with Flexepin is safe and secure and reduces the threat of online fraud as you never divulge your personal or financial information when entering the voucher code.

Each voucher has a unique 16-digit authentication number. Vouchers can be purchased in various denominations from CAD$20 to CAD$500. When you buy them online, the brokering company will charge a nominal fee, so it’s good to shop around a little bit. We found good prices ($2.20 premium on $20) at OffGamers who also offered a $2 discount on any first purchase of $50.

Some online retailers offered incentives that brought the purchase price well below the value of the voucher. We can only assume that those introductory offers came with unseen strings attached. If we were to suggest an online retailer, it would be TopMeUp. The facilitator offers many brands of prepaid cards and vouchers. Several of these will work for online casino deposits. Flexepin, Neosurf, and Paysafecard are all available online from the website. You can also register online and buy directly from Flexepin.

Best Flexepin Casinos in 2022

How it works

Flexepin prepaid vouchers are accepted at Canadian online casinos listed on this page. As mentioned, they can be purchased at many retail outlets such as Hasty Mart, Daisy Mart, and Gas+. Visit the store locator and enter your zip code or town/city to find the nearest retailer.

Alternately, for a fee, they can be purchased from a retailer online.

For those reading from outside Canada, Flexepin vouchers are now also available in Europe and Africa. Please visit the site to find out where to buy yours online or to find a local retailer.

Whether you purchase your voucher online or in person, you will find a 16-digit code related to your purchase. Read on to learn how to activate the cash value of your voucher.

How to deposit or make a purchase with a Flexepin Voucher

Go to your favorite casino listed above, or choose one of our vetted and reviewed casinos and create a new account to take advantage of the welcome bonus advertised.

Navigate to the banking, payments, or cashier section and choose “deposit”. Locate the Flexepin icon and click or tap to choose it. Now, enter the full value of your card to deposit and key in the unique 16-digit code in the space provided.

Flexepin is not as versatile as Neosurf, which lets you consolidate remaining balances from cards. With the current option under discussion, it is necessary to use the full amount of the voucher in a single transaction.

Mobile casino payments with Flexepin

Most online casinos today work the same on mobile devices and desktop computers. You will still find a few mobile apps and download clients, but nearly all of our casinos are “device agnostic”. This means that they open right in your web browser no matter which sort of device you are using.

Thanks to advances in the markup language used to display text, graphics, animations, and sounds in modern web browsers, nearly every casino and every casino game including live dealer streams are available on any device.

To use Flexepin on a mobile device, simply open a web browser and navigate to the cashier section of any casino accepting the deposit method.

Withdrawals to Flexepin virtual prepaid vouchers are not possible.

Flexepin Privacy and Security

Flexepin vouchers can be purchased for cash without giving any personal details to the retailer. Debit card purchases are protected by the card issuer as well. When you use the voucher no personal financial details such as the purchase method are transmitted.

Once you have purchased a voucher, it becomes an anonymous virtual cash device. Your privacy is protected.

Since the vouchers are only good for single use and the only information transmitted is a unique 16-digit number, the deposit method is safe, secure, and extremely simple to use.

The full value of the voucher must be used in a single transaction so there is never any value left on it. Once transmitted and redeemed, both the code and the associated value expire.

As long as you never share the 16-digit code with another person, there is no way to ‘hack’ your card. When making online purchases other than casino deposits – which are always transacted using Secure Socket Layer encryption – simply check for the closed padlock icon in your web browser’s URL/Address bar. If the padlock is open or red, you do not have a secure connection and should not proceed.

Flexepin Fees

While the fee structure is set by Flexepin for in-person purchases in Canada, online retailers have more latitude in what they can add as a “convenience fee”.

The following list shows the value of Flexepin vouchers and the retailer convenience fees for in-person purchases:

  • $20 +$1.95 fee
  • $50 +$3.95 fee
  • $100 +$4.95 fee
  • $150 +$5.95 fee
  • $250 +$7.95 fee
  • $300 +$11.95 fee
  • $500 +$15.95 fee

Using TopMeUp to Purchase Fexepin Vouchers Online

It is necessary to register an account with TopMeUp before you can purchase online vouchers or prepaid cards.

In order to register, you must provide your name, address, email and/or phone and a copy of your government-issued ID.

The complete registration and verification process should take less than one day. As soon as you receive a confirmation email you can purchase any of their online casino deposit devices.

TopMeUp accepts debit card and Interac e-Transfer payments online as well as in-person payments at Canada Post locations. You can find all Canada Post locations here.

Flexepin Limits

Flexepin can be a valuable addition for many online casino players in Canada. However, there are limits to its use.

Daily purchase limits

  • By purchasing multiple vouchers you can convert up to $2,500 in cash or debit into vouchers in any 24 hour period
  • Flexepin is not accepted at all Canadian online casinos. We have confirmed that the deposit method is welcome at all that are listed on this page

Major Disadvantages

You must use the entire value of the card or the balance will be rendered null and void. Once activated, the 16-digit voucher number and all funds associated with it expire.

Flexepin cannot be used for withdrawals. You’ll have to have another withdrawal method such as bank wire or paper check in order to receive your winnings.

Major Advantages

Flexepin is an easy and convenient online casino deposit method for Canadian casinos. The method is completely safe and secure while having the added benefit of being an anonymous facility. You will purchase with cash, debit, or e-Transfer so the only trace left behind will be your receipt to Flexepin or TopMeUp, not an online casino.

You will be able to purchase a voucher online or in-person. When you decide to deposit, simply choose the method in the casino cashier, enter the full amount of the voucher, and key in your 16 digit code. Your funds will be available to play with immediately.

We have identified the best Canadian online casinos that accept Flexepin vouchers, so you can get started with this deposit method right away.

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