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Canadian Gaming Association Supports Single-Event Sports Wagering Push

Canadian Gaming Association recently expressed its support towards the single-event sports wagering legalization within the borders of Canada that could happen in the upcoming years. The recent push came from Kevin Waugh, MP for Saskatoon-Grasswood introducing a Private Member’s Bill living its third life. The time for a change has come, as the gaming association pointed out and action should be taken.

Keeping the gaming field as competitive as possible has been one of the challenges the Canadian gaming field has faced in the past. This is the situation to this day, as the southern gaming regulators are quick to greenlight single-event sports wagering and generate millions of American dollars while the Canadian provinces still hesitate to make the move. This year is expected to see a more persistent push.

Expansion Could Come Soon

The year 2020 might be the one for great changes for the Canadian gaming field, as local members of the parliament are looking forward to the legalization of this activity. As a result of the new legalized offering, players would no longer have the limited offering of parlay betting with odds that could make a bookmaker blush.

This means that they are allowed to wager on two or more sports events at once and this is the only way they could see their bet win. The gaming expansion is a real thing and it could bring lasting changes. The Canadian Gaming Association recently expressed its contentment with the way things are going at the moment, especially since the introduction of the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act in the Parliament.

It aims to make it possible for lawmakers to amend the existing Criminal Code and decriminalize single-event sports wagering. As a result, Canadians would be able to bet on the outcome of a single event. Mr. Waugh recently pointed out that this year the push towards this legalization would be bigger, as the US competition is taking its toll on the Canadian gaming field.

Next Weeks See More Conversation

Estimations show that some CA$10 billion is wagered through illegal bookmakers operating within the borders of the country and this amount never reaches the city coffers and the various local projects the provinces work on. Moreover, upwards of CA$4 billion goes to the offshore online sports betting platforms, once again failing to support the provinces while also putting players at risk without player protection.

With the current variety of sports betting solutions, Canadians are drawn to wager solely CA$500 million via the provincial lottery corporations and their pari-mutuel sports wagering offerings. Paul Burns, CEO of the Canadian Gaming Association, said that the player protection provided by legal single-event sports wagering is essential for the Canadians. Such a move would also be beneficial for the employment market, as new positions would be created.

It could be recalled that back in October 2019, the Canadian Gaming Association claimed that all parties should support this move and work towards the legalization of the gaming offering. The push came after Windsor West Liberal candidate Sandra Pupatello expressed her support of this same Criminal Code amendment. Such a move has been first proposed about a decade ago, but back then the push has not been this motivated.

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Author Yolina

Yolina has followed closely the latest development on the Canadian gaming scene over the past years, monitoring the land-based, lottery, and online offerings up for grabs. The dynamic nature of the local lottery and casino fields, as well as the opportunities lying ahead of Canada fire her enthusiasm for what is to come. A sports betting enthusiast, in her spare time Yolina could be found in her natural habitat – turning the pages of biographies and catching up on the latest stand-up comedy podcasts.