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NYS Gov. Cuomo Predicts Good News for Casinos

New York State commercial casinos might see their reopening date soon, following more than five months of no in-person gaming in the region. Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently pointed out that an update on the casino venues is bound to happen this week, shedding more light on the timeline of reopening of the four commercial locations.

The state has had its brick-and-mortar casino locations closed ever since mid-March and for months, the people working there day in, day out have remained home anticipating their official return. More than five months later, such a reopening has not come and Gov. Andrew Cuomo made it clear earlier this summer that he does not consider it necessary for the time being.

Commercial Casinos

More than five months following the official lockdown, commercial casinos have remained closed for business and the employees relying on their operation wanted to see a change. Six months after their initial lay off, the individuals worry that their employment would be terminated. They are currently laid off and looking forward to more information.

Projections are that this would happen later this week, as the governor is bound to unveil his official position on the subject. He is going to reveal more about the commercial casinos operation over the upcoming fall months and the way this is going to happen. He pointed out that the government will have to find a balanced approach and live up to the expectations of the voters, protecting their needs.

Some 5,200 individuals are directly affected by the commercial casinos lockdown and the ongoing lack of operation. They could lose their jobs for good, if a change does not take place in the foreseeable future. Gov. Cuomo would like this reopening process to take place in the safest way possible, taking into account all safety measures and protocols possible. He is worried about the enclosed space and the air circulation in those venues.

Projections for the Foreseeable Future

Physical distancing is still of utmost importance for any business currently in operation in New York State. It could be recalled that last Thursday was an important day for the casino workers across New York State. They took to the streets in order to seek their rights. They want to see commercial casinos receive permission to operate on a daily basis with all safety protocols in place.

Gov. Cuomo will issue an update on the commercial casino locations and he stated that he thinks it will be a positive one for the staff members wanting to return to work as soon as possible. It should be taken into account that gyms across New York State were given a green light to relaunch operation last week with all safety protocols in place.

Commercial casinos will be among the last businesses to return to their daily operation in the region. In the meantime, several Native American casinos have returned to their daily work at the beginning of this summer, attracting individuals as the sole in-person gambling offering available.

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