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Citadel is a leading Canadian-based payment processing company, and their flagship service Instant Banking by Citadel is widely used as a payment method at online casinos worldwide. Launched in 2000 Citadel is a popular depositing method offering reliability and a secure and efficient means of transferring money.

See our list of the best Citadel casinos accepting payments from Canadian players:

Best Citadel Casinos

Citadel Instant Banking

Citadel CasinosInstant Banking by Citadel allows you to make secure online payments directly from your bank account. Provided you have an account with a recognized Canadian bank you can transfer money directly to any of our online casinos accepting Citadel without the need to share any of your personal or financial information directly with the casino.

Citadel acts a third-party agency, but unlike e-wallets like Neteller or Skrill there is no need to set up an Instant Banking account to use the service – all you need is an account at a financial institution that supports Citadel to make a payment. This means that using Citadel is quick, simple and efficient as there are no additional usernames or passwords to remember – to complete a transaction all you need is your internet banking log-in details.

Key Facts

  • Accepted at many leading online casinos and other online merchants
  • Transfer funds directly from your bank account
  • No need to pre-load an e-wallet before transferring funds to your casino account
  • Make payments on any device – PC, laptop, mobile, tablet
  • $1.50 fee when transferring funds to your casino account
  • Secure – protects your identity and personal information

How to make a deposit at an Online Casino

once_these_steps_01Making a deposit at the best Citadel casinos is also quick and straightforward. Although the procedure might vary slightly from site to site, depositing funds using Instant Banking is usually done as follows:

  1. Click on Banking
  2. Click on Deposit by the Instant Banking by Citadel icononce_these_steps_02
  3. Enter the amount you want to deposit
  4. Click Next
  5. You will then be re-directed to Instant Banking
  6. Select your bank from the dropdown menu
  7. Log into your internet banking account
  8. Choose the account you want to transfer money from
  9. Approve the payment

Once these steps have been completed your online casino receives confirmation that the transaction has been completed, and the funds will be available to play with immediately. The transferred funds will be debited from your bank account instantly, or at the latest the next working day).

Advantages of using Citadel

your_anonymity_is_also1) The primary advantages of playing at a Citadel online casino is the fact that unlike e-wallets and other electronic payment systems it’s not necessary to move money around and/or maintain an additional account. Instead payments come directly from your bank account so there is no need to pre-load another card or e-wallet before you deposit funds into your casino account

2) You can make payments on any sort of device – desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet – and there is also the added advantage that funds are transferred instantly. Any withdrawals will usually appear in your bank account 1-3 working days after the payment request has been processed by your online casino

3) The fact that you are not required to establish a separate Citadel account to make payments together with not having to share your personal banking details with the casino you play at means there are fewer third parties with access to your financial records.

4) Your anonymity is also protected as any transaction using Citadel appears on your bank statements as “Citadel Commerce”.

5) If your bank does not support Citadel instead of using the web-based version you can download a payment assistant app when you make your first Citadel transaction, this can then be used for all future payments with no need to re-install.

Disadvantages of Citadel

1) Although it is a widely-used, reputable and recognizable brand, Citadel is not universally accepted and the number of online casinos accepting Citadel is not as great as some other payment systems.

2) At some sites where Citadel can be used to make deposits, it’s not available as a withdrawal method. It’s always a good idea to confirm in advance before you make deposits at Citadel online casinos as to whether you can also withdraw your funds using this method too.

3) Consumers are given a limit the first time they make a payment using Citadel, the amount depending upon both the bank and casino, the limit will increase though as you accumulate a history of successful payments.

Bottom Line on Citadel

Citadel offers a great payment solution for Canadian players seeking security and anonymity in their casino depositing activities but who don’t want to or haven’t got round to opening an e-wallet.  Whilst not as widely accepted as a VISA casino or e-wallets there’s more than enough choice of online casinos offering Citadel instant banking as a depositing method.

Author Tom Wilson

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