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When playing online casino games, players look for a safe, fast, and reliable way to transfer their money. Since not everyone prefers the same payment methods, Canadian online casinos introduce a broad selection of trustworthy banking options — from traditional credit/debit cards and bank transfers to innovative e-wallets.

However, one category is often overlooked. Prepaid payment options have long been a part of the iGaming industry, providing players worldwide with secure and quick transactions. Cashlib is one of the most efficient prepaid payment methods available to Canadian players. Besides speed, Cashlib offers top-notch protection to its users and doesn’t charge fees for online casino transactions.

Top-Rated Cashlib Online Casinos in Canada

Despite being less well-known than other prepaid methods like Interac, Cashlib is still present in many high-quality online casinos that cater to Canadians. However, not everything revolves around payments — an excellent online casino should deliver a complete package.

That’s where our expert team comes in. We have reviewed dozens of Cashlib casinos to ensure only the best get to our readers. So, if you want a safe yet thrilling casino adventure, check out the list below and pick your favourite Cashlib casino:

SuperSeven Casino

What Is Cashlib?

Cashlib is a convenient, prepaid banking option used for various purposes, including online gambling. Currently, this payment provider caters to a limited number of countries — Germany, Spain, Belgium, the UK, Canada, and others.

Cashlib was founded in 2015 in Luxembourg. EMP CORP SA, the company behind Cashlib, holds an e-money licence from the UK’s Financial Service Authority, making it a perfectly safe payment option for casino players worldwide. The company created Cashlib in response to the shutdown of other prepaid banking methods that ceased operation in certain countries.

This payment system operates through a voucher scheme, offering a unique and hassle-free way for users to make fast and secure online transactions. It features an extra protection layer by not requiring users to reveal their bank account or credit/debit card numbers. Cashlib voucher holders only need a 16-digit PIN to make online payments quickly and safely.

How to Get Started With Cashlib

If you decide to use a Cashlib prepaid voucher for online casino transactions, you’ll have to obtain one first. You have two options — online or physical purchase. If you opt for the first, you’ll need to visit the official Cashlib site and find a list of partners that offer users an option to purchase a voucher online.

Those who choose the land-based option can visit the nearest retailer and buy a voucher. If you’re unsure about the vendor location, the Cashlib site features a store locator. Simply choose your city, address, or postal code, and the site will generate a map with the nearest locations.

Regardless of how you purchase the Cashlib voucher, the method of using it remains the same. Each voucher has a unique 16-digit PIN code. You’ll have to know the code to make online purchases or transactions.

How to Make a Cashlib Deposit

If you’ve decided to use Cashlib for online casino payments, you’ll have to go through several short steps before gaining access to exciting games and juicy bonuses. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you out:

Choose an online casino — Check out our list of the best Cashlib casinos and pick the one you like the most. All platforms we recommend hold valid licences, offer high–quality gambling products, and create a fair and safe gambling environment for its users. (In the screenshot example below, we are showing how to deposit at SuperSeven casino with CASHLib.)

Set up an account — Once you’ve found a suitable online casino, you’ll need an account. Simply fill out the registration form with the necessary information (name, address, email, phone) and create a username and a password. If required, verify the account.

Load the Cashier — Choose the option to deposit money and pick Cashlib as the preferred payment option.

Fill out the payment form — Specify the amount you’d like to deposit and use the 16-digit PIN code to verify the transaction.

Complete the transaction — Confirm the payment and wait for it to go through. All Cashlib deposits are instant, so you’ll immediately see funds on your casino balance.

That’s it. You can now kick off the gambling adventure, collect the welcome bonus, and explore everything the casino has in store.

Can You Use Cashlib for Withdrawals?

Unfortunately, Cahslib currently only offers online payments and casino deposits. Since it’s a one-way payment option, withdrawals from online casinos are impossible. That’s one of the biggest flaws of this prepaid banking service.

Therefore, if you use Cashlib for online casino deposits, you’ll have to find another way to collect your winnings. Luckily, gambling sites recommended on this page feature a broad collection of alternatives that support withdrawals. So, once you’re ready to send the winnings to your bank account, simply visit the Cashier and see which payment providers are at your disposal.

Cashlib Fees and Limits

Besides offering instant deposits, Cashlib also doesn’t charge transaction fees. Like most prepaid payment providers, Cashlib casino deposits are also fee-free. However, it’s important to note that the Cashlib voucher is valid for six months. After it expires, you’ll have to pay a $3.30 monthly fee if you have any funds left on your balance.

Limit-wise, the minimum amount you can transfer to the Cashlib voucher is $13 (€10), but the casino you choose might impose different limits. As for the maximum amount, you can top up the voucher with $330 (€250). However, Cashlib allows you to combine up to five vouchers, amounting to $1,650 (€1,250). Each one has a unique PIN and a six-month validity period.

Pros and Cons of Using Cashlib at Online Casinos

Let’s look at the advantages and downsides of using Cashlib as an online casino payment method. Whether you want to start using it immediately or consider it as a possible solution, knowing the good and bad sides will help you figure out whether Cashlib is the right choice.


Here’s a rundown of the benefits of using Cashlib in online casinos:

  • Speed — Instant payment processing has become a standard in online gambling. Cashlib keeps up with the times and standards by providing instant transactions. That way, users can immediately start playing their favourite games and enjoy everything the casino offers.
  • Security — Cashlib transactions are perfectly safe and anonymous. Users don’t need to register a Cashlib account or disclose any sensitive information while purchasing a Cashlib voucher.
  • Convenience — Using Cashlib for online casino deposits is hassle-free. Users only need to remember the 16-digit PIN, and they’re good to go. There’s no need to go through lengthy verifications to top up your online casino account.
  • Fee-free transactions — Cashlib doesn’t charge fees on any transactions. The only time you’ll have to pay extra is if the voucher expires and you still have funds on your balance.
  • Online and offline availability — Users can choose whether to purchase Cashlib vouchers online or by going to the nearest physical vendor. So, even if you don’t have an authorized retailer nearby, you could buy the voucher through online partner platforms.


Here’s a list of limitations that come with using Cashlib in online casinos:

  • No withdrawals — The biggest Cashlib drawback is the impossibility of withdrawing funds. Like most prepaid payment options, Cashlib offers one-way transactions.
  • Limited availability — Cashlib isn’t present in many online casinos due to country restrictions. As a result, a limited number of online casinos that operate in Canada offer this payment option.
  • Maintenance fees — Users will have to pay a monthly fee once the six-month validity period expires.


Can Canadian players use Cashlib for casino transactions?

Cashlib currently caters to a limited number of countries, and Canada is one of them. As a result, players can purchase Cashlib vouchers and use them for online casino payments.

Is Cashlib safe?

Cashlib is as safe as it gets. This payment option doesn’t require you to disclose any sensitive information. Once you convert your funds to eMoney, you’ll only need the 16-digit PIN code to complete the transaction.

Are Cashlib deposits fast?

Depositing via Cashlib is fast. After confirming the transaction, you’ll immediately receive the funds on your casino balance.

What’s the minimum amount I can deposit using Cashlib?

The minimum deposit limits vary between online casinos, but in most cases, the lowest amount you can transfer is $10. However, double-check that information before taking further steps.

Are there any fees on my Cashlib deposits?

No, Cashlib casinos won’t charge fees on your deposits, and the entire product is free to use. However, your balance will be subject to a $3.30/month fee after the prepaid voucher expires.


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