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SticPay – A new e-Wallet solution for Gambling Online

SticPay is an aspiring new e-wallet hoping to make a permanent mark in the fintech industry as a whole, as well as in the iGaming casino industry as a reliable and preferred payment method. SticPay is relying on its ability to perform fast and secure payments, and have low fees and many other advantages to appeal to online casinos and players. While it is available at very few casinos, hopefully more will begin to include it in their offers in the future, as very few do at the moment.

We have ventured to explore all the intricacies surrounding SticPay and to give you a detailed description of how and why you should use SticPay in Canadian casinos once and if the method becomes available, what its advantages and disadvantages might be, and more.

SticPay Explained

SticPay belongs to the group of global payment services that allow its users to complete peer to peer transfers, online purchases, and online casino deposits and withdrawals, among many of its other possible uses. It is an e-wallet that aims at providing instant, as well as safe and secure money transactions, no matter where a sender and a recipient are.

It is a multi-currency and multilingual online payment method established in 2018 and made available in Canada, Europe, Asia, and many other regions across the globe. Due to its popularity and features, it has already been on the receiving end of respectable awards issued by financial institutions, such as Payments Awards’ Best Digital Wallet 2019, Traders Awards’ Best Service in Singapore 2019, and Future Digital Awards’ Best Online Payments 2019.

SticPay has seen a 300% increase in traffic in recent years, largely thanks to the iGaming industry, as both SticPay casinos and players love it for being a cost-effective, easy-to-use, and convenient method.

Players can fund their SticPay accounts with multiple payment methods, such as Visa, Mastercard, local and international bank transfers, as well as major cryptocurrencies such as  Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tether.

SticPay has also established local bank wire transfers that allow you to receive funds from the SticPay partner bank operating in Canada to your local bank account in Canadian dollars within the same day, as it will count as a local bank transfer. Instead of using international bank transfers that take a couple of days to complete, you will be able to receive the winnings from SticPay casinos the very same day.

SticPay also offers SticPay prepaid cards to Canadians that can be used in the same way as any other bank card for online and offline purchases, as well as ATM withdrawals.

An important note about SticPay is that you can use the SticPay account without the approval process, but only for the combined transaction value of C$150. To complete transactions worth more than C$150, you need to provide proof of a legal identity, such as a passport copy, ID, driver’s licence, and a proof of address, like the residential registration, recurring statements to the address, and similar.

SticPay is still not available in Canadian casinos, and it remains uncertain whether or not it will ever be. However, some of its features are undeniably convenient for casino use, so it is safe to say that Canadian online casinos will quickly pick up on that and enlist SticPay as one of the payment options.

Possible Advantages of Using SticPay in Casinos

SticPay offers a great deal of convenience to its users who know how to appreciate that. Let’s see what could be the main advantages of playing in SticPay casinos.

You Can Top Up You SticPay Account in Multiple Ways

When you decide to make a casino deposit using SticPay, first you will need to load that SticPay account. One of the great things about SticPay is that you can top up the account using Visa, Mastercard, cryptocurrencies, bank transfers, and many other ways. The accounts are loaded immediately, and they support CAD, USD, EUR, and dozens of other currencies as well.

SticPay Casino Deposits and Withdrawals Will Be Fast and Completely Safe

SticPay casino deposits will be concluded in a matter of minutes, as speed is one of the greatest strengths of SticPay when used as a payment method. The same goes for SticPay withdrawals that, unlike traditional bank and credit card transfers that take up to 7 business days to complete, might only take around 72 hours, depending on how fast the payment requests are usually processed by the casino. Furthermore, all SticPay transactions are protected by the latest encryption technology that prevents any third-party influence, giving an extra layer of security.

SticPay Card and Local Bank Transfers Will Be Available for Canadians

SticPay users who have verified their accounts and have $110 in their accounts can order a special prepaid SticPay card that supports payments in over 200 countries and dozens of currencies. This fact is particularly important when considering possible SticPay casino withdrawals. Once you transfer your winnings to your SticPay account, you will be able to withdraw them on any ATM.

Another important facet of SticPay is that it will allow Canadian players to use the local banking transfers created by SticPay — this directly speeds up the transfer process. If you wish to make a withdrawal of your future SticPay casino winnings to your bank account, instead of waiting for international bank transfers that can take days to get through, you will be able to transfer your money via a local Canadian bank partner of SticPay straight to your personal bank account within the same day.

Possible Disadvantages of Using SticPay in Casinos

One of the biggest disadvantages of using SticPay e-wallet in SticPay casinos is the fees. Namely, depending on the chosen method, every top-up of your SticPay account will incur a fee between 1% (for bank transfers and cryptocurrencies) and 3.85% for Visa and Mastercard top-ups.

Furthermore, the SticPay casino deposit will also incur a 2.5% + $0.3 fee. These fees are charged by SticPay as the payment processor. SticPay casinos are not likely to charge any additional fees for either deposits or withdrawals, as that is an uncommon practice.

When your winnings reach your SticPay account and you decide to withdraw them, then additional fees from 1% to 5% will apply as well.

What Will SticPay Casino Deposits Look Like?

Making a successful deposit in SticPay casinos will require you to complete these following simple steps. For each step, we will highlight some important aspects you need to bear in mind that will facilitate the process.

  • Register a SticPay account — The entire registration procedure takes no more than 3 minutes to complete. You need to provide your basic information, such as full name, DOB, country, currency, email, password, and phone number. After you have inserted all the details, you will receive an SMS validation code to insert in the designated field, and you will be good to go;
  • Register an account in one of the SticPay casinos — Registering an account in SticPay casinos is conducted in a similar fashion as registering a SticPay account. You need to provide personal details and banking information, verify the account, and you are all settled;
  • Select SticPay from the Cashier page — Once you log in to your SticPay casino, you will have to go to the Cashier page that is usually indicated by a shopping cart, and select SticPay as the preferred deposit method. Then, you will need to enter your email address and password in the pop-up window. There is no redirection. Everything is completed on the spot;
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit and the funds will become available almost immediately;
  • Claim the welcome bonus if the SticPay casino offers it;
  • Play your favourite games.

How Will You Make a SticPay Withdrawal

To complete a SticPay withdrawal, you will need to follow a similar path. You will be required to go to the SticPay casino’s Cashier page, click on the SticPay logo, enter your email address and password, then select the amount you wish to withdraw, and the winnings should arrive within 72 hours, depending on the casino’s payment processing pending times.

Conclusion – Will SticPay Casinos Be a Valid Choice?

All things considered, SticPay is a reliable, safe, and convenient e-wallet that might prove valuable to the world of online casino gaming in Canada and all around the world. SticPay deposits and withdrawals are fast; you will be able to use CAD to perform the transactions and even use the local bank transfers and a SticPay card to withdraw the winnings quickly and safely.

On the other hand, the downside to it is the fees that might be considered a bit higher than with most other payment methods. However, the price you need to pay for having a reliable, fast, and convenient payment method might well be worth it.


What are SticPay casinos?

SticPay casinos are pretty much the same as any other online casinos, except for the fact that they offer SticPay as a payment method for your casino deposits and withdrawals.

Will I be able to gamble with SticPay?

Absolutely, especially in Canada. If SticPay becomes included in Canadian casinos, it will allow you to use CAD as your currency and use their local bank transfer method for faster and cheaper withdrawals.

Will SticPay casinos have bonuses?

A lot of SticPay casinos worldwide offer welcome deposit bonuses you can claim by making your first deposit with SticPay. Usually, SticPay will not be a restricted payment method when bonuses are concerned, so there are no reasons to be otherwise with the future Canadian SticPay casinos.

Is it safe to use SticPay?

SticPay is a licensed and regulated financial institution that protects all its transactions with the latest encryption methods, making it completely safe to use.

Will I  be able to use SticPay for withdrawals?

Once SticPay becomes included, you will. One of the biggest advantages of SticPay casinos is that they allow withdrawals via SticPay.

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