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The idea of personality type is not new, it has captivated academics and curious laymen alike since ancient times.

In this article, we’ll look at a light-hearted exercise that may help you match your personality to the type of online casino and online games that would give you the most entertainment and enjoyment.

We’ll look at several possibilities without bogging things down with too much science.

Modern-day psychologists have looked into the subject deeply and may use things such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to pigeonhole people into one of 16 different personality types.

Type A or Type B?

In the simplest terms, we could say this…

  • Type A personalities are more aggressive, not averse to risk, competitive, and time urgent
  • Type B personalities are relaxed, patient, and easy-going

That still doesn’t give us enough information because slots run the gamut from happy go lucky low-risk games like Thunderstruck II and 1429 Uncharted Seas from Microgaming to all or nothing titles like Playtech’s Great Blue or NextGen’s 300 Shields.

As well, a roulette player can bet odd or even, black or red for a nearly even money game, or go all-in with a single number bet.

Other models

Others break us down into compulsive gamblers and everyone else while still others would place you somewhere on a spectrum between responsible and irresponsible behavior.

Of course, compulsive gambling can be studied as a mental health disorder with those who succumb to it also experiencing substance abuse problems, personality disorders, depression, or anxiety.

What we’re looking at…

That’s not what we’re looking at here. We’re looking at entertainment and amusement with a chance of winning prizes… Good old fashioned gambling for fun with real money!

Playing online can be a bit different than playing at your local casino so we’ll focus on that aspect here – online gambling.

You can use the menu to skip right to the three personality types we’ve settled on based on several non-scientific criteria, but you might miss out on some of the fun.

We’ve made it easy here with three types of game preferences:

  • Slots (good time gamblers and risk-takers)
  • Tables (low house edge, forgo bonuses)
  • Other (uncommitted, sports or lottery, here or there, might try online casino games)

We’ll try to paint a picture of the personality type most likely associated with or attracted to the games so you can see if you fit our models.

If you do, the information might help you choose an online casino that most closely meets your needs over time.

Magical thinking…

Have you ever read your horoscope and found some personality traits described line up with your personality?

About one-third of Canadians, mostly younger people, personally believe in the concept of astrology while the vast majority do not, according to a research paper published in 2020.

We mention this because magical thinking is not the gambler’s best friend. It’s fine to believe in the Zodiac, but if you bring that sort of belief into your gambling it’s a recipe for disaster.

Touching your nose and spinning around three times while counting backward will not make the next spin a winner. Keeping track of roulette results and expecting past numbers to influence the next one works just as well.

While superstition is ingrained in some cultures, and it’s okay to wish and hope – strategy, skill, and luck (depending on the game) are the only things that will influence the outcome.

Yes, a proper bonus can increase your chances of hitting a jackpot. Conversely, a not-so-properly chosen bonus could decrease your chances of cashing out at all.

Yes, playing blackjack or video poker with optimal strategy can reduce the house edge to its lowest possible percentage point, but you’ll never get the thrill of volatility a slots player can experience.

And yes, writing down the results of a hundred hands of baccarat or recording a thousand roulette spins may give you confidence…

…but the best bet over time will always be on the Banker’s hand. The odds are written in more than stone, they are embroidered in the fabric of space/time and aren’t expected to unravel anytime soon.

That said, an element of mystery and superstition can add spice to the game, especially if you play highly volatile games like slots or the lottery.

Imagine you are out to dinner. Your fortune cookie reads: “You create your own luck” and lists several numbers…

Would you buy a lottery ticket?

This guy in the U.S. has been playing the same fortune cookie numbers for years and it finally paid off…

Goodtime gamblers manage expectations

Winning the lottery would release a lot of endorphins into your body and give you a sort of “runner’s high”. It’s okay to look forward to the thrill of winning a slots jackpot or besting the casino with a tremendous blackjack run.

But it’s good to keep in mind that while you can buy some entertainment time, those moments don’t always figure into a gambling session – they just don’t.

So, if you are going to gamble it might be wise to figure out ways to ensure you feel a sense of satisfaction at the end of your session – win, or lose.

Of course, you want to win big money, but you also want to have fun. As long as you have a gambling budget or other loss threshold you refuse to go below, there’s a real good chance that losing session won’t affect your overall enjoyment of the experience.

At least that’s what researchers at the Stanford Graduate School of Business found in one of their gambling studies.

Another way to avoid disappointment is to manage your expectations and choose the type of games and a casino that caters to what you expect from your gambling experience.

Playing low-risk slots, using a bonus to extend playtime, and playing low to medium stakes suits many people just fine.

Other slots players who don’t necessarily fit the “good time gambler” profile may like to forego bonuses so they can cash out whenever they want. They may play more volatile games including progressive jackpots, and they might not mind a session only lasting 15 minutes on a small bankroll.

Goodtime gamblers and table games

If you’re the Steady-Eddy type, don’t go in for too much risk, and like to “feel” the house edge and create your own volatility now and then for fun you might like table games.

Online table game players are not always the same people who gravitate to the tables in a terrestrial casino. The social element is simply not there with most games.

Live dealer streams emulate the experience best, you can chat with others and the dealer on some platforms, but you’ll never belly up to a craps table and experience the roar of a winning streak.

Winning is its own reward with most online games, but gamified casinos and live dealer studios can add a social element.

Gamification is just a fancy term for engaged play with contests, leaderboards, level-ups, rewards, and status among your peers. Try sites like Vegas Hero,  or Thrills if you enjoy that sort of good time gaming aspect.

Low house edge table gamers

You might play table games if you don’t like volatility. Slots can return dramatically different results from spin to spin and from session to session. That’s not as true for table games.

Some table games have a low house edge and people who prefer to play them generally consider it a safe bet.
If you are the kind of person who studies and learns and wants the most control possible, you might play a strategic game of blackjack with an expected 99.5% return to player percentage (RTP).

Rather than playing a game where you can increase the variance in hopes of a big payoff, you might increase and decrease your bets, while keeping the house edge where you want it.

Roulette, on the other hand, allows both increased risk and rewards on the table (moving from odd/even to single number bets or anything in between) and bankroll management risk control.

If you play tables you might also be very analytical and expect your gaming site to meet your standards of reputability and honesty along with fast payouts. One of the things you look forward to as much as beating the casino in practice is cashing out – collecting your winnings. That may be the moment you look forward to the most, wrapping all your fond memories of good and lucky choices into that moment.

The uncommitted gambler

While more than 90% of people who gamble do it for fun, it’s just not that big a part of the life of many people. Hearing a friend say, “Hey, let’s go to the casino,” might not be met with an immediate response. You may think about other obligations, you might run your discretionary income through your mind, or think about that new laptop you’ve been wanting to buy.

Sure, you’ll pick up a lottery ticket when the mood strikes you, but you probably won’t make a special trip to buy one.

You might join an office pool for lottery tickets or even make some sports bets with friends, but rarely go online to bet on a game.

You might have thought about joining an online casino but just haven’t taken the steps.

If this sounds like you, you probably don’t want to do all the research yourself. You might just want an easy sign-up at a trusted casino with a nice welcome bonus, and you might want enough game variety that you can play keno, bingo, slots, blackjack, or whatever you want whenever you want.

With that background, you might be ready to look for the sort of casino that fills the bill, just for you. We’ll try to make it easier – the sooner you find the best fit for you, the sooner you can get down to the fun of online casino entertainment.

Finding an online casino that fits your personality

Finding an online casino is like looking for a needle in a haystack. There are thousands of options to choose from and they all claim to have the exact same qualities. Heck, many of them use the same casino software (mainly Microgaming and Playtech). If you don’t know what is a software provider and how it differs from an online casino site perhaps you should start here.

By going to the best online casino list on our homepage and avoiding fraudulent casinos, the chances are you are going to land at a good place, but if you really want to find an online casino site specifically tailored to your own tastes and needs read on below.

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The Online Casino Personas

Good Time Gambler

You like playing low or medium stakes. Predominantly slots, but you’d be open to try anything exciting.  You love playing short sessions here and there or every day including on your mobile, and appreciate a smooth gaming platform with visually appealing games.

The Table Gamer

You love playing table games on all kinds of stakes, but above all you enjoy collecting your winnings. You’re looking for an ultra-reputable casino that has fast payouts, a variety of low house-advantage games and glowingly positive user reviews .

The Uncommitted Gamer

You love hitting the local casinos in your area, play a little lottery, bet on a sports event every once in a while and you think you may enjoy online casinos. You need a quick and easy sign up, quick and easy deposit, and a willing support team that can tackle any issue you are experiencing 24/7.

Found Your Persona?

This is what you should be looking at

Good Time Gambler

(slots buff)

  • Variation of slots
  • Short and easy sign up process
  • Able to pay via eWallet
  • Strong mobile app
  • Ability to play online
  • High casino bonuses

Doesn’t care about:

  • VIP programs
  • Finding low house-edge games
  • Withdrawal limits

The Table Gamer (blackjack buff)

  • Variety of low house-edge games
  • Ability to be repaid instantly upon winnings
  • Spotless reputation
  • Highest level of information security
  • Ability to pay via bank wires or credit cards in CAD
  • Ability to play online or download software

Doesn’t care about:

  • Game variation (besides unique games)
  • Casino bonuses (non-redeemable in low house edge games)
  • Simplicity

The Uncommitted Gamer (soft game buff)

  • Choice of games
  • Ultra-simple sign up process
  • Mobile app
  • Connectivity to other gambling (sportsbook, bingo)
  • Effective sign up bonuses for small deposits

Doesn’t care about:

  • Bonuses for high deposits
  • High-limit games
  • Instant withdrawals with no limits

The Best Casino For Me

Our recommended casinos for you:

Goodtime Gamer Table Gamer All Arounder (uncommitted)
Recommended casino: Spin Palace Casino Review Recommended casino:Mr Green Casino Review Recommended casino: 888 Casino Review
Key Facts

  • Largest Bonus
  • Large Payment Selection
  • Play on Mobile Online on HTML5
  • Responsive Support
  • More than 400 Slots
Key Facts

  • Publicly Traded on Sweden’s Stock Market
  • Non-Pushy Approach
  • Home to Many High-Rollers
  • Variety of Table Games
  • 1 Day Payout Policy
Key Facts

  • Simple Sign-Up
  • Responsive Support Staff
  • Easy Interface
  • Sports, Poker and Bingo
  • Operating Since the 90’s! A global name
Read Spin Place Review Read Mr Green Review Read 888 Casino Review
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MBTI Personalities and Gambling

What if you could answer four simple questions and determine your basic personality type? It can be a fun exercise, and if you can keep a string of four letters in your head you don’t even have to write anything down or enter anything online to test it for yourself.

What if determining your “type” indicated what sort of gambler you are? It might help you choose games that give you the most satisfaction, avoid pitfalls that could turn what’s supposed to be fun into a problem or even help you understand the feelings you have when you think about gambling.

The four answers…

Worldview – introvert or extrovert? (I or E)

Information processing – knowledge or intuition (S or N)

Decision making – thinker or feeler (T or F)

Life structure – judge or perceive (J or P)

You can take the test ‘in your head’ by viewing the chart here.

This reviewer found the ISTP pigeon-hole and it actually does describe my basic personality quite well. I was not surprised to find only about 30% cross-over to be “Zodiac personality” but that’s okay! We see what we want to and confirm our own biases to make sense of the world, don’t we?

While doing the research for this article we found that RealMoneyAction had already ascribed gambling personalities to MB types.  This what their correlations look like:

Their article goes on to describe the personalities and connect the types of games each plays as well as how they play. Some fun notes include a sort of reverse engineering of historical figures’ personality types.

It’s nice to think I presumably have some thinking in common with the likes of Bruce Lee, Ernest Hemingway, and the Dalai Lama. I liked the thought so much that I thought about checking for famous people born under my Zodiac sign, but alas, there was virtually no crossover.

The sixteen types can be regrouped into four main categories. These are:

  • Analysts (architects, logicians, commanders, and debaters)
  • Diplomats (advocates, mediators, protagonists, and campaigners)
  • Sentinels (logisticians, defenders, executives, and consuls)
  • Explorers (virtuoso, adventurers, entrepreneurs, and entertainers)

In order to synthesize all of this information and boil it back down into our three archetypes – the Goodtime gambler, the Table player, and the non-committed gambler, it becomes necessary to assign specific gambling traits drawing from multiple models and then create some filters to funnel that data where it belongs.

Check back soon as we prepare the exercise and in the meantime check out our gambling guides. Brush up on theoretical return to player percentages (RTP), random number generators (RNG), bonuses, slots hacks, or the difference between RTP and volatility with a mind toward finding your personal gambling persona.



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