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Online banking at Gigadat casinos

Gigadat Inc is an online payment processor with headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The company’s main business is processing payments for Interac Corporation.

If you have ever used Interac e-Transfer, Interac Online, or Express Connect e-Wallet to purchase goods or services, you have probably noticed the Gigadat name somewhere in the transaction chain.

Online Gaming with Gigadat

While none of the major Canadian banks make it effortless to use a personal account to deposit or withdraw funds from an online casino, it’s still a fact of life possibility thanks to Interac e-Transfers and Gigadat’s handling of the transactions. Recall, gambling offshore is not a crime, nor are there any Canadian laws preventing banks from participating. Gigadat handles any collateral legalities by only processing transactions from licensed casinos who do due diligence on their players to prevent money laundering or other financial crimes.

Gigadat’s services occur on a countrywide national bank network which is fully compliant with AML rules and is regulated by federal authorities such as FINTRAC.

Gigadat also complies with the Canadian Code of Practice for Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce.

In addition to the more well known Interac processes, the company also facilitates payments through the Express Connect e-Wallet. However, we are not currently aware of any online casinos in Canada that accept the payment method. It is set up to function like any other electronic wallet for deposits. Any payouts would occur through the customized online Automated Clearing House (ACH) from the wallet to a checking or savings account.

Top Gigadat Casinos in 2024

The difference between Gigadat and Interac

Gigadat is a privately held financial services company founded in 2013. The company is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba and processes payments.

Interac Corporation was formed as the result of Interac and Acxsys merging into a for-profit corporation in early 2018. Of course, Interac was formed as an association of the big 5 banks in the early 1980s, but it is now an independent corporation with headquarters in Toronto.

Interac owns the system, Gigadat pushes and pulls money through it. Banks do not need to worry about what you do with your own money as long as they don’t have to see XYZ Casino on your transaction database. They see Gigadat, and that’s okay with them!

Simply looking at the company’s creation date it’s easy to see that Gigadat has not always processed money for Interac.

A company called CertaPay (a division of Acxsys Corporation) used to handle the email notifications and maintain Interac Email Transfer’s database. CertaPay operated more like PayPal, albeit as the first interbank-based email payment network than like Gigadat operates. To see how far modern banking has come since 2001, you may want to read this Globe and Mail article from the time entitled, “CertaPay wants to bring e-money to Canada“.

While financial information from the not-so-distant past is not always easy to find without poring over corporate data and filings, it would appear as if RBC acquired Certapay as late as 2007. The CertaPay website begins a series of redirects from late that year to xxxp:// However, that page no longer exists.

How to make a deposit at a Gigadat casino

The first thing you must have is an account at one of more than 260 banks and financial institutions in Canada that support Interrac e-Transfers or Interac Online. Find a list of participating financial institutions.

The next thing you need is online banking. Once you have your online banking set up, you can use Interac Online or Interac e-Transfer as your payment method and Gigadat will handle the transaction for you.

Navigate to the casino cashier or payments section and choose Interac e-Transfer, rather than Interac Online – this way you’ll be able to withdraw your winning directly through Gigadat to your bank account without having to risk a bank wire getting denied or rejected because it originates from a casino.

If you must, or choose to use Intrac Online, simply follow the prompts on the screen. It’s a simple step by step process.

  • Select Interac e-Transfer by clicking on the logo
  • Choose an amount to deposit
  • Select your bank or financial institution
  • Copy or make note of the security message (question) and answer (response) in case Auto-deposit isn’t enabled or if your financial institution asks for the data
  • Return to the merchant to see the funds in your account

How to make a withdrawal from a Gigadat casino

Navigate to the cashier, enter the amount you wish to withdraw, execute the transaction and your money will be on its way.

Note: Be sure to have Auto-deposit enabled for your account. To do this, simply:

  • Log in to your bank or credit union mobile or online banking, go to Interac e-Transfer “settings”
  • Register your e-mail address and link your account
  • Check your email for registration confirmation and click on “Complete Registration”

Now, all transfers to your registered email address will go into your account without the need to answer security questions or other authentication steps.

Gigadat Casinos Conclusion

Every time you use Interac to send or receive money, buy goods and services, or deposit into a casino, Gigadat processes the payment. Interac is one of the best methods for Canadians to use as it bypasses the prying eye of the bank-nannies who only want you to play at provincial casinos.

It’s also the fastest, most secure, and stringently regulated payment processing method for Canadians. While Interac has changed quite a bit internally, and somewhat in function over the last three decades, it evolves to serve the needs of Canadian consumers.

Gigadat has only been part of the process for a few years, but the company has been a part of Interac’s evolution.

Without the need for anti-competition regulation, Interac was the single most important tool that helped the Canadian banking industry stay in control of the marketplace rather than be overrun by American competitors.

Interac and Gigadat simply work for Canadians.

Gigadat Online Casino FAQs

Yes.  It is probably THE safest way for payments to be processed because, unlike other payment methods, personal and bank information are not passed on in order for the transaction to take place.

Gigadat is the financial services firm that processes money through Interac for Canadian financial institutions

There are several reasons. The most important consideration is that you might want to collect your winnings as easily as you deposited your stake. It is not possible to withdraw funds from a casino to your bank account using Interac Online. Also, not all banks offer the service any longer. If you have a bank-branded Visa, you probably don’t have access to Interac Online after 2019.

We can’t really answer that question. All we know for sure is that they process Interac payments with nearly a 100% success rate. They also have a webpage devoted to online gaming, but they don’t mention casinos, only “eGaming” and “social gaming”. However, we fail to understand why those industries would require: “Canadian online bank deposit as a solution for their users as well as email bank withdrawal and bank transfer as a payout option.”

Gigadat doesn’t limit transactions at a noticeable level. However, your financial institution may have a maximum amount you can transfer to deposit and the casino may have a maximum amount you can withdraw per transaction or within a certain time period.

In some cases, depending on your financial institution, it can take up to 30 minutes for the funds to appear. Most deposits occur in real-time or nearly so, within seconds or minutes.

No. Gigadat cannot process Interac funds to a foreign bank account.


Gigadat doesn’t charge consumers for deposits or withdrawals within the Interac system, Your financial institution may charge a small fee.

You will be notified via SMS text message or an email.

Once you receive the notification the money should be in your bank account instantly if you bank at one of the major institutions. Smaller, rural credit unions and community banks can take a few days to post the funds.

Fortunately, this is a very rare occurance. Our research indicates it is most likely to happen if a player deposits the same amount several times in a very short period of time. This may trigger human intervention and the attendant possibility of operator error into an otherwise nearly flawless automated system. If this occurs, go to the Interac details page at your institution’s online banking facility and choose “Resend”.

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