UFC Betting in Canada

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UFC Betting in Canada

Even though there aren’t many Canadian MMA fighters, this sport is very popular in the Great White North, and when there’s a passion for a particular sport, there’s always going to be a way to bet on it.

Luckily, Canada is one of the best places to be if you want to enjoy UFC betting online. There are plenty of major sportsbooks available to Canadian residents, and most of them offer UFC betting.

Top UFC Betting Sites in Canada

Canadian laws can be interpreted in such a way that all forms of online betting are considered legal. Apart from provincial-run sportsbooks, a lot of offshore betting sites allow Canadians to create real-money accounts and enjoy a wide range of betting markets.

We’ve selected a handful of Canadian-friendly betting operators that you might find interesting. All these sites have extensive coverage of the most popular UFC events, provide great odds, and have rewarding bonuses for first-time players. Feel free to check them out!

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Different Types of UFC Bets

Every combat sport usually ends with one of two outcomes. However, UFC betting can be more than just picking the fight winner.

The range of betting markets in UFC might not be as extensive as for sports like football, basketball, soccer, and ice hockey, but there are still a few different ways in which you can place wagers on a UFC event.

Fight Winner

This is the simplest betting market to understand. There are two fighters, and you should bet on who will end up winning, regardless of the method of victory or the number of rounds.

The odds can be high or low, depending on the difference in quality between the fighters. Close fights might have the odds of between +100 and -125, while fights in which there’s a clear favourite could have odds that are -1000 for the favourite and +750 or more if you’re backing the underdog.

In some rare cases, UFC fights end up in a draw. You will be allowed to bet on that as well, and the odds will be fairly high, usually +5000 or more.

Total Rounds (Over/Under)

If you can predict how many rounds it will take before the fight ends, almost every UFC betting site in Canada will allow you to bet on it.

Total rounds is an over/under market, meaning that you will bet for the number of rounds to be higher or lower than the number given by the bookie.

For example, if that number is 3.5, you will bet over if you feel like there would be four or more rounds and under if you think that the fight will finish before the fourth round.

Some Canadian online sportsbooks might also give you the option to guess the exact number of rounds alongside the winner. For example, you can bet on fighter A to win in the third round.

Method of Victory

Method of victory is another very popular UFC betting market. There are usually three ways to bet on a fighter to win — knockout (including TKO and DQ), win by submission, and win by decision.

However, you can’t circle down KO and hope that either of the fighters ends the fight with a knockout. You must pick a fighter as well.

Combination Wager

While you won’t find this market on every Canadian UFC betting site, this is probably the most exciting wager you can make, and it offers relatively high odds.

Combination wagers allow you to combine the fight winner, the number of rounds, and the victory method. For example, you can bet for fighter A to win by submission in less than 3.5 rounds.


UFC futures don’t work like future bets for other sports. In soccer, you can bet on which team wins the competition or which player gets the award for being most valuable.

However, in UFC, future bets relate to things such as whom the fighter will face next, whether the fight will take place, and other circumstances.

UFC events went from being held only a few times a year back in the 90s to being held several times a month, which is the case today.

The most popular of these are the ‘numbered’ events that usually run once a month, with the next one being the UFC 255, scheduled to take place on November 21, 2020, in Las Vegas. There are also UFC Fight Nights that are organized more regularly.

UFC Live Betting

Apart from betting on the pre-match markets, most Canadian UFC betting sites will allow you to place wagers while the fight is live. The markets are pretty much the same, so you can still bet on the winner, the number of rounds, and the method of victory at any point during the fight.

UFC Betting Bonuses

Canadian sports betting sites tend to reward first-time players with cash bonuses and free bets. These bonuses can usually be used for every sport on the website, including UFC.

Free bets are issued once you create an account, make a minimum deposit, and place a qualifying bet. Depending on the website, the rules might differ in terms of minimum odds and wagering requirements.

Things to Look for in Canadian UFC Betting Sites

While we shared a list of the best Canadian UFC betting sites, you shouldn’t just select a random one and start betting. There are plenty of things to take into consideration, such as:

  • Quality of odds
  • Available betting markets
  • Live betting options
  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Minimum and maximum stake limits
  • Minimum and maximum deposit/withdrawal limits
  • Number of payment methods
  • Mobile site and app

Only when you consider all these factors will you be able to find the right UFC betting site for you.

UFC Betting in Canada FAQ

Canadian betting laws are a bit confusing and open to interpretation. Some Canadian provinces have made online betting legal and offer official betting sites to their residents. However, there is nothing in Canadian law that suggests that playing on offshore betting sites is illegal. So, as long as the UFC betting site accepts Canadians, you will be allowed to play there and not be afraid of facing any legal consequences.

Where can I bet on UFC in Canada?

There are plenty of Canadian-friendly online sportsbooks that offer UFC betting. We found some of the best ones, so make sure to check out our list.

What types of UFC bets exist?

There are several betting markets for UFC fights, including match winner, number of rounds, method of victory, or the combination of all these.

Is live betting available for UFC fights?

Yes, you can bet on UFC while the fight is taking place. This is especially advantageous if the fight has already started, and you were late to place pre-fight bets.

Are there any bonuses for UFC betting?

Yes, online sportsbooks usually offer cash bonuses and free bets that can be used on a wide range of markets, including UFC ones.


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