How to Gamble Online with a TD Bank Account

Toronto-Dominion Bank (Banque Toronto-Dominion, or simply TD Bank) has been serving Canadians since 1955 when the then 100-year-old Bank of Toronto merged with The Dominion Bank which itself was founded in 1869. TD Bank account holders can use their funds for offshore gambling but are not able to deposit and withdraw directly with their TD Bank accounts.

We’ll show you three ways to safely and securely use funds in your TD Bank account to play at the same casinos that players across Europe and Asia enjoy. It’s a pretty good bet that you already use one of these methods for other purchases, so simply choose the one that is most convenient and comfortable for you!

  • TD Bank Instant Banking
  • TD Bank Electronic Wallets
  • TD Bank Credit and Debit Cards
  • Direct Deposits and Withdrawals Not Possible [Here’s why]

With over $36 billion CAD in revenues and more than $10b in net income per year, TD Bank is the largest banking institution in Canada by assets. The highly regulated and publically traded bank tends toward the side of caution in any matters that appears as a grey zone, rather than settled law.

Canadian gambling law is reserved to the provinces, yet financial regulation is the domain of the federal government for the most part. Offshore casinos are not illegal, but they are not specifically legalized nor regulated inside the country.

This makes all offshore gaming sites exist in a grey zone of being not illegal but not specifically legal, and that is one of the major reasons TD Bank executives decided in 2014 that no more offshore gambling transactions would be handled for customers. You won’t be able to use your TD Bank branded Visa or Mastercard, be it debit or credit, to deposit directly into an offshore casino account.

Whether by default or by design, the moratorium of 2014 left open several easy to use, and even more secure options for online casino players in Canada to fund their casino accounts. We’ll explore the top three options here and present a few other alternatives that might not be as attractive due to fees, convenience, or other factors.

By using our handy Guide to Canadian Dollar Deposit Methods, customers of any financial institution in the country can play at the online casinos enjoyed by players across Europe and Asia and stay within the law with a sense of safety, security, and peace of mind.

TD Bank Instant Banking

The three most popular, convenient, and comfortable ways for Canadian players to use their TD Bank accounts to transact with casinos are Interac, Instadebit, and iDebit.

Interac is the most well-known cashless purchase vehicle in the country. You probably already use Interac Online to shop on the web, or Interac e-Transfer to pay bills or transfer money to family and friends.

You might be surprised to learn that it is just as easy to fund an offshore casino account as it is to shop at Amazon or to send some money to a friend.

Interac offers two distinct services in its online and e-Transfer products. Not all online Canadian casinos accept payments using Interac Online, but all should accept a deposit from your TD Bank account using Interac e-Transfer. Another advantage of using the e-Transfer service is that winnings can also be paid back into your bank account with ease.

We’ve prepared an easy to follow step-by-step guide to using Interac at an online casino. It will help you safely and securely use your TD Bank account to gamble at any of our vetted and reviewed casinos in a manner of minutes whether you have ever used Interac before or not.

Instadebit is another Canadian-based instant transfer method that you can use with TD Bank. You can transact in

Instadebit Casinos

CAD$ or USD$, and deposits are, well, instant! The fees are very low ($2 or less per transaction) and it can be used to cash out winnings to your bank.

Like Interac, Instadebit is far more convenient than eWallets such as ecoPayz because the funds transfer directly from your bank to the casino as well as the other direction.

The process is also very secure as the casino will never see your personal banking details as they would with a wire transfer or ACH payment. The risk of online identity fraud is nearly zero and reduced even more by the fewer number of transactions needed to accomplish a deposit or withdrawal.

Another important consideration is that since you are transacting through an intermediary, TD Bank will not be aware of the purpose of your transaction, so they won’t interfere by denying the transaction. In the same light, your account statement will not list a casino as the beneficiary of your deposit, nor the source of your withdrawals. All transactions will simply appear as or 1-877-88DEBIT.

You can set up an Instadebit account simply by visiting the Cashier, Payments, or Banking section at any of the casinos listed on our Instadebit page. It’s also a good place to learn about specific fees and withdrawal times.

If you prefer to set up your Instadebit account before depositing, you’ll also find instructions for creating an account there. The process is simple, quick, and easy.

iDebit is the last Instant Banking solution we’ll discuss for TD Bank customers. The method is very similar to Interac iDebit Casinose-Transfer and Instadebit in that transaction are instantaneous and occur directly from your bank account. Fees per transaction are $2 or less, and iDebit can be used to withdraw funds from the casino directly into your TD Bank account.

The first time you make a deposit with funds from your TD Bank account it will take about five minutes. You don’t need an existing account with iDebit to make your first deposit. You can check out as a guest and will have the option to create an account when you are done with your transaction.

The process is simple and straightforward. You can review directions here or simply jump right in by going to the cashier section of any casino listed on that page.

TD Bank Electronic Wallets

While Skrill and Neteller will no longer process offshore casino transactions for Canadian customers, there is one electronic wallet that will. That eWallet is ecoPayz.

The reason these products are called “wallets” is that they hold money. Funds are transferred from your bank to the wallet before being spent or used for payments. When you are paid by a casino, the money does not go directly into your bank account – rather, it is placed in your wallet and you can spend from there or transfer the money into your TD Bank account whenever you are ready.

To learn more about how it works and how to create an account to use ecoPayz with your TD Bank account, please visit our ecoPayz casinos page.

TD Bank Credit and Debit Cards

As we mentioned earlier, you will not be able to make a deposit at an offshore casino by keying in your TD Bank creditor debit card numbers as you would for making another online purchase. However, there are several devices such as Neosurf or Inpay that you can fund with a Visa or Mastercard before depositing.

Other devices such as prepaid cards (Vanilla, etc.) can be used to deposit, but seldom work for withdrawals.

TD Bank Casino Transactions Conclusion

Although TD Bank will not process deposits and withdrawals directly via wire transfers, e-checks, credit, or debit devices, there are still several safe, secure, and convenient ways for players to get their money into an online casino account and to bring home their winnings.

You can follow any of the guides linked above to retake your financial freedom and play where you want to when you want to, using your TD Bank account.


No.  If you want to make a transaction to an online casino you will need to use an intermediary service like Interac, Instadebit, iDebit or an eWallet to store funds like ecoPayz.

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