Sudbury Fundraiser Exceeds Expectations, Amasses CA$40K for KED Appeals

Kingsway Entertainment District continues to stir the pot across Greater Sudbury and the conversation regarding this large project never seems to end. A fundraising event striving to amass funds in support of the legal battle including appeals filed at the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal managed to amass some CA$40,000 which would be spent on covering some portion of the overall legal fees.

The future entertainment zone featuring a wide array of both family-friendly and gaming offerings is still at its beginning stages of construction, but it has already seen quite the cash spent in relation to it. Tom Fortin is one of the local businessmen that has filed an appeal in collaboration with Downtown Sudbury Business Association disagreeing with the fact that locals might be a vital source of the future Gateway Casinos venue’s gaming revenue.

KED Opposition Makes a Point

The fundraising event took place at the Caruso Club in Sudbury, providing anyone interested in the way appeals work with information about the process as well as updates on the appeals currently reviewed by the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal. Individuals attending were able to offer their support with the purchase of entry tickets and tables. Entry fee reached CA$100 whereas tables cost some CA$800.

With the help of this support, the event was able to raise some CA$40,000 over a single evening. It could be recalled that prior to the event projections were that it could amass up to CA$30,000 meaning that it surpassed the expectations of the people organizing it. Once all expenses were covered, Mr. Fortin was left with CA$32,400 that were soon transferred to the trust fund of lawyers taking care of the ongoing legal battle.

Even though the sum on its own is a considerable one, the overall expenses continue surging. Up until now, some CA$344,000 have been spent on appeals and reports conducted by experts in the field making estimations. The reports amounted to about CA$96,000 and crucial points were listed in them. One of them was issued last year by urbanMetrics and it aimed to showcase the wide array of drawbacks of Kingsway Entertainment District that are projected to have a negative impact down the road.

Fall Could Put an End to the Saga

The vent itself transformed the venue into a hotspot of like-minded individuals from across Sudbury willing to support the legal appeals cause and claim their opposition in relation to the project. There were both people backing the project and opponents of the idea, all coming together to learn more and have a meaningful conversation on the subject. As many as 400 individuals made their way to the venue having the venue at capacity in no time.

It made it loud and clear that the community has something to say about the project and it is not afraid to make its position known. Steve May is another individual who had filed an appeal and was present on the special dinner. He opposes the arena that Kingsway Entertainment District is going to feature according to the initial construction plan. He said that the congregation was more than productive and allowing opposition to voice their opinion.

There are as many as 12 individual appeals filed in at the moment on behalf of organizations to the likes of Casino-Free Sudbury, the Minnow Lake Restoration Group, the downtown Sudbury BIA, in addition to Christopher Duncanson-Hales on behalf of several spiritual leaders. Estimations shared by Mr. Fortin paint a picture of more spending and up to CA$150,000 in legal fees by the end of this year.

The LPAT is projected to issue its final decision on the appeals in the fall of 2019, but Mr. Fortin projects that the process might take even longer. It should also be taken into account the recent announcement coming from the Ministry of the Attorney General stating that the Local Planning Appeal Support Center is going to close for good this summer. This move could make it easier for the LPAT to conduct its work in a timely manner.

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