RCMP Refuse to Reveal What Really Caused the Casino Money Laundering Case to Crash and Burn

British Columbia recently became notoriously known for its money laundering issues involving gambling venues sprinkled throughout the province which have been washing cash poured in by Asian high-roller players. The recently crashed E-Pirate probe of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police came as an unexpected turn of events, but for the time being there have not been any explanation as to why the investigation came to a halt at this point.

When it comes to issuing information related to the money laundering case which attracted the attention of everyone in the industry directly and indirectly affected by it, a couple of controversial moves were made prior to the eventual staying of the case. It could be recalled that confidential information was publicly issued by the prosecutors as part of the high-profile lawsuit against Silver International Ltd., Caixuan Qin, and Jain Jun Zhu.

Confidential Information Accidentally Disclosed

This happened once, via the very first batch of documents revealed. The accidental disclosure of privileged information occurred once again when the Crown provided another portion of materials for review which was followed by a significant stalling of the entire case. Upon realization that the confidential information was leaked, a period of delays commenced.

In the weeks leading to the inevitable crash and burn of the case, an explanation was sought, but this could not prevent the staying. What should be taken into account is that the said confidential information was not supposed to see the light of day and reveal identities of individuals that had offered their knowledge on the subject. There is a pattern to the unfortunate turn of events, as apparently this is not the first time this happens.

According to Michael Mulligan, a criminal defense lawyer from Victoria, such stalling and purposeful delays are typical for this type of situation. This is not to say that the staying necessarily came as a result of the accidental disclosure of information, but there was certainly a recurrent pattern noticed.

B.C. Attorney-General Seeks Answers

Identity protection is taken very seriously as there is a lot at stake when it comes to the money-laundering case which took over the news outlets earlier this year. Once the materials were disclosed, the British Columbia Supreme Court saw Matthew Nathanson, the lawyer defending Caixuan Qin put in the effort to damage control the situation.

Now that the case was officially stayed, an avalanche of consequences followed the announcement. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police issued a statement saying that it is looking into the subject and the causes of the inefficient case. In the meantime, British Columbia’s Attorney-General Hon. David Eby expressed his disappointment with the outcome and demanded answers, as voters deserve to know more about the true reasons for this staying.

He claimed that his understanding is that the federal government failed to grasp the full scale of the scandal and the effect it has had on the region as a whole. For the time being, the exact pieces of information of confidential nature are going to remain unknown to the public, as it was confirmed by the RCMP recently. More development is expected to take place in the foreseeable future, as British Columbia’s authorities make an attempt to heal the broken trust.

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