Quebec City Vertical Neighborhood Wants Nothing to Do with Gambling

Quebec City is preparing for many improvements especially when it comes to its gaming scene, as Salon de Jeux Quebec could very soon be relocated. Groupe Dallaire overseeing the construction of residential and commercial projects in the area made it clear that a gaming hall would not be welcomed at its future La Phare skyscraper. The local leading force has not had conversations on the subject, but it announced it wants nothing to do with gaming.

Gaming expansion and seeking a larger audience could be just what a gaming venue needs in order to maintain its gaming revenue high. Salon de Jeux Quebec would remain a gaming hall, instead of undergoing an expansion and becoming a casino venue. Ever since last year, Coalition Avenir Quebec has been envisioning a relocation that could attract a larger crowd to the already popular gaming hall.

Salon de Jeux Quebec Relocation

Quebec City is eyed as the potential area of relocation, which has prompted more questions than answers due to problem gambling rates concerns. November 2018 saw Groupe Dallaire reveal its plans for Le Phare. The 65-storey skyscraper is going to rise in the Ste-Foy neighborhood and feature both residential and commercial space.

Moreover, the new building is also going to come with a public square, as well as an event venue. In a recent statement Michel Dallaire, President of Group Dallaire clarified that a gaming hall would not be part of the future building. For the time being, no discussions on the subject have taken place, but this is a clarification that was necessary. Le Phare is projected to feature residential apartments and a gambling hall would not fit well.

Problem gambling is a concerning issue that should be kept in mind when a gaming expansion is envisioned. Easy access to a gaming hall or a casino means a higher risk of compulsive gambling with a wide range of negative consequences. In a sense, the upcoming Quebec City skyscraper refused to welcome gaming operation whatsoever.

CA$755M Project Does Not Want Gaming Hall

Le Phare wants to be the highest building in Quebec, surpassing the highest building in Montreal. The ultimate goal for the skyscraper would be to include a full range of spaces, making it a vertical neighborhood. It is also projected to feature a hotel area. Locals have expressed their opposition regarding the CA$755-million project and the way it would fit with the traditional architecture of Quebec City.

According to Quebec’s government, Salon de Jeux Quebec should be relocated away from its current position at the Fleur de Lys shopping center. Upon finding out about the possible gaming expansion, the Huron-Wendat Nation expressed its interest in managing a gaming location, offering a fresh opportunity for its community to benefit.

The great leader of the Huron-Wendat Nation, Konrad Sioui, expressed readiness for action if and when the existing gaming hall is relocated. In response, Minister Girard said that a collaboration is in the works, as the Legault government is always eager to help First Nations in their endeavors.

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