OLG Is the Only Lottery Worldwide to Grab WLA Responsible Gambling Award Twice

Problem gambling is a concerning tendency that often goes unnoticed and people consider it something that will never happen to them. In reality, gambling addiction is a serious issue that should be addressed at its beginning stages and taken care of. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation once again was praised for its PlaySmart program that aims to aid people on their way to battling compulsive gambling.

Ontario players have nothing to fear when it comes to their protection, as it was recently confirmed. The responsible gambling program received the World Lottery Association’s 2018 Best Overall Responsible Gambling Program award recognizing efforts put into the PlaySmart program and the results it has given. It shows that the results reach the expectations and criteria of experts in the field.

PlaySmart Recognized for Its Accomplishments

This is not the first time such recognition has been given to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation as the lottery corporation bagged the award for the first time in 2014. This is the second time PlaySmart is rewarded for its accomplishments making it even more special. On a global scale, OLG is the only lottery to be recognized with this award two times.

The special recognition is done biannually and it seeks superb performance when it comes to battling gambling addiction and offering support and guidance for individuals struggling to find a way out of the trap it could sometimes become. Lottery corporations worldwide are willing to increase efforts in order to grab the premium recognition that proves they value their players.

As many as 80 countries participate in the awards and the World Lottery Association has to pinpoint the one that has managed to perform the best over the past couple of years. Lotteries that have the right to participate in this program must have a level 4 certificate of accreditation that allows them to compete with equal rivals from various jurisdictions. In this sense, this accomplishment is significant for OLG and the lottery is eager to make the next two years of operation count.

Gambling Addiction Is a Serious Issue

Stephen Rigby, OLG’s President and Chief Executive Officer stated that protecting both lottery and casino players and offering them guidance and support in trying times when they battle compulsive gambling has always been a driving force for the corporation. Even if the issue might appear insignificant and even nonexistent, it is often the denial part that makes treatment harder.

PlaySmart also takes care of employees protection, as retail workers exposed to lottery offerings and casino staff are among the most vulnerable demographics. Apart from working on the issue once it has already manifested itself, the program also seeks to prevent it whatsoever with its advice on how to maintain a healthy relationship with gaming. What increases the appeal of this educational approach is the interactive hubs located at gaming venues across Ontario, 31 charitable gaming centers, as well as online.

In order to ensure that players are understood and assisted in a reliable manner, OLG teams up with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, the Responsible Gambling Council, Gambling Research Exchange Ontario, ConnexOntario, and Credit Canada in order to meet even the highest expectations. Ever since 2016, the program has been providing its support covering the need for reliable problem gambling battling tools.

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