Unifor National Seeks Better Casino Staff Protection amid Layoffs

Unifor National, the labor union protecting the rights of many casino workers across Canada is determined to protect the individuals associated with it. It has issued yet another reminder addressing the issue with the proper coding of Records of Employment. This, in turn, is making it harder for the workers to become eligible for employment insurance in these trying times of uncertainty.

Casino workers across Canada are experiencing a difficult situation ever since the brick-and-mortar casino locations closed indefinitely. Layoffs have been projected for some of them, such as the people in Manitoba. Temporary layoffs might be in store at the beginning of April for some of them, as the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries made it clear recently. President Manny Atwal addressed the situation in a letter last week.

EI Benefits

In light of recent events, the labor union raises awareness of the ways in which casino operators make it hard for their employees to lay their hands on employment insurance benefits. This happens as a result of the inappropriate coding of the work shortages. Jerry Dias, Unifor National President pointed out that the practice is harmful to the casino employees down the road.

One of the latest cases confirming this practice is in full swing is linked to Great Canadian Casinos and the layoffs process that launched earlier this month. Unifor has received multiple reports pointing out that the Records of Employment are not being handled properly, leading to the aforementioned lack of employment insurance benefits. It should be taken into account that the said records should feature the β€œshortage of work” code.

This was the recommendation issued by Service Canada, a practice that would guarantee the fair conditions and treatment of casino workers. Any coding different than that results in the eventual delay of benefits distribution, eventually putting the casino staff in a difficult situation. Unifor further made it clear that the workers would only continue their financial struggles as time progresses.

Unifor National Seeks Justice

Protecting their workers from the health risks of constant human interaction in an enclosed space should not be the only way a casino operator could approach the pandemic situation, Mr. Dias said. The upcoming months are expected to see more layoffs involving casino workers, as the brick-and-mortar casino venues remain closed for business. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is one of the gaming leaders that would also resort to this measure.

The issue would have to be addressed in a timely manner before it has affected more individuals. Unifor seeks collaboration with the Members of the Parliament that could have a positive impact on the situation across the Canadian provinces. Timely updates on the status quo of the COVID-19-related changes and the rights every employee has could be found on the newly established information hub at unifor.org

Ontario Public Service Employees Union recently made it clear that Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has shown signs of layoffs consideration. According to President Warren Thomas, such a move in a time of pending financial crisis is letting down the employees relying on their income to survive. Casino complexes across the province are in indefinite lockdown as of recently.

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