Tioga Downs Casino Resort Supports Local Households

Recent news gaming from the NY gambling industry is that local casinos have hosted a series of charitable events in order to show support to the local communities during the unprecedented situation. Tioga Downs Casino Resort and Vernon Downs Casino Hotel have both hosted events to provide meals to locals with the help of the Food Bank of the Southern Tier and the Food Bank of Central New York.

Both of the gambling properties have further proved their responsibility towards the local economy and the wellbeing of the NY residents. Ever since the occurrence of the unprecedented situation in March 2020, many New Yorkers have lost their jobs due to the unfortunate circumstances and many of them find it extremely difficult to recover.

Free Nutritious Meals

Vernon Downs has provided over 825 households with a number of locally produced and fresh meals via March 27 event called Nourish New York Food Distribution. For health and safety purposes meals and dairy products were distributed through a drive-in. Additionally, the gaming property has made a US$50,000 donation to the Food Bank of Central New York back in February 2021.

Tioga Downs Casino Resort has also provided plenty of meals to the locals just in time for the Easter holidays. The property has provided local households with more than 5,000 dinners. And in addition to that the gambling venue has made a US$100,000 donation to the Food Bank of the Southern Tier, and even more meals were given away to 62 more organizations.

The Chairman of the American Racing and Entertainment has taken the responsibility for addressing the problematic food situation for locals by supporting the Food Bank of the Southern Tier through the yearly turkey drive. Vernon Downs Casino Hotel and Mr. Gular have provided over US$630,000 to the Food Bank of Central New York accounting to more than 1.9 million meals to local families.

Both of the gambling properties have been widely known for their top-notch live harness racing facilities located in Upstate New York providing plenty of entertainment to locals gambling and horse racing fans. Tioga Downs was fully revamped back in 2006, and now is home to many elite live harness events during its seasonal operations.

Live Season Canceled

Both racing track venues had to cut short both their live seasons back in September 2020 due to safety concerns and lockdown restrictions by the NY government. The decision cost greatly both tracks by resulting in major revenue losses. Mr. Gural reported that there was not enough money for the purses, since usually the tracks are supported by the properties’ casinos but they were also closed down.

Local Investment

Tioga Downs has made a number of significant investments in New York’s infrastructure and local businesses. The gaming facility has granted US$25,692 to the Broome County Library, the money used the grant in order to implement a different set of improvements to the local public library. New equipment has been bought with the donation such as new keyboards, desks have replaced, additionally, text-to-speech cameras have been installed for the visually impaired individuals.

Source: β€œTioga, Vernon Give To The Community” Standardbred Canada, April 6, 2021

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