Sudbury City Council Green Lights CA$125,000 Arena Report

Latest news from Sudbury learns more on the subject of the widely discussed Kingsway entertainment center and its potential whereabouts. With the city’s council giving the green light for compiling a report on scouting possible future locations for the Kingsway Entertainment District. The requested report will amount to CA$125,000 and it must be presented to the council on June 16, 2021.

The costs associated with the report will be designated to acquiring third party expertise from PricewaterhouseCoopers, with the report to be brought back to council on June 16 of this year. However, this week Gateway Casinos requested rescheduling for the report in question all the way to September. The corporation is a candidate for the launch of a casino complex in the entertainment district.

Council Meeting

This Tuesday Councilman Bill Leduc read a letter of correspondence from the gambling operator stating that the company’s development timelines for their part of the project will be reviewed according to the overall plans of the city. In order to avoid any further rescheduling for the future. The company is also hopeful for reopening businesses and restarting the economy after the latest laxation of safety restrictions.

Due to the unprecedented situation any possible removal of a component from the project such as a hotel, might lead to the reassessing of the viability of gambling premises by the Gateway Casinos. The latest financial difficulties for the gambling industry were a pivotal reason for the company’s request for the rescheduling of the report to September 28.

Ward 5 Council Robert Kirwan supported the request by claiming that the city is moving in the right direction towards restarting the economy. He also added that a seven months delay will be positive for all sides. Ward 4 Coun. Geoff McCausland presented financial stats that suggest that funds that were borrowed by the city for the project are already amassing interest and the delay would lead to even bigger costs.

Ward 1 Coun. Mark Signoretti spoke against the compiling of the report by hiring a third party for the expertise, in his opinion the city should not spend CA$126,000 of taxpayers’ money on a report that the staff should already have enough knowledge. To which the city’s executive director of strategic initiatives Ian Wood responded that the city does not possess an architect who is working in-house, and the staff was just looking for the best possible expertise on the subject.


The construction of the multi-million entertainment center has been shrouded in mystery for a while, with never-ending debates on a possible location for the site. The unprecedented situation has certainly made it even more difficult for the project with Sudbury’s city council still not adamant on the final locations for the complex. Concerns were raised by the public due to possible negative effects that might influence potential visitors since there are plans for a casino property on the supposed family site.

Looking For Ideal Site

Mayor Brian Bigger has tasked the city council with a thorough assessment of all possible sites for the CA$100,000,000 Kingsway Entertainment District. Including evaluating whether the ambitious project will have any negative influence on its possible neighboring enterprises. The plans for the center were announced back in 2017, in order to attract more tourists in the Greater Sudbury area, but ever since then the project has been tackled by a series of legal obstacles, hence the stall in the construction.

Source: Durnan, Matt “Arena report gets the go-ahead from city councilSudbury, February 10, 2021

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