Sask. Man Already Planning Trip After Big VLT Win

Western Canada Lottery Corporation confirms another major video lottery terminal win in the Province of Saskatchewan. This time a man from Shell Lake has taken home over a million Canadian dollars after triggering a jackpot on a Vault Breaker VLT at a local hotel. His winning dates back to July 28, 2023, and he has now cashed out the windfall.

Vault Breaker is a widely popular VLT offering which boasts a progressive jackpot, which increases by a small margin for every play on a progressive-enabled game. There is a โ€˜Minorโ€™ jackpot of a minimum of CA$100, a โ€˜Majorโ€™ with a minimum value of CA$5,000 and a โ€˜Grandโ€™ with a base value of CA$500,000.

Already Planning on How to Spend the Prizemoney

According to WCLC, the winner, Darrell Kreklewich has now taken home a payout of CA$1,080,618.14 by triggering a Vault Breaker jackpot at the Shell Lake Hotel on July 28, 2023. While getting his cheque from the Crown. Mr. Kreklewich said that when he saw the big win, he went completely numb, and could not believe his own eyes.

The winner admitted that he was not paying attention to his machine, and was mostly watching other peopleโ€™s ones when a text appeared saying โ€˜Vault Breaker Winner!โ€™ That is when he began celebrating and he even bought a round of drinks and some pizza for everyone in the bar. He is now looking forward to spending the money and enjoying life.

Some of his ideas for the prizemoney would be to pay off his mortgage, and after that, he will use some of the money for kids, and take them on a trip or two. One of the locations being eyed is Paris. Mr. Kreklewich also wants to make some renovations on his cabin and take a missions trip to Mexico to build some houses.

Previous Winners from Sask.

This is far from the only big VLT win in Saskatchewan, as over the years, locals have bagged some hefty prizes. One of those includes Jennifer Fafard from Humboldt who in July 2022 won CA$660,501 by activating a Vault Breaker jackpot. Her winning was recorded at the Pioneer Hotel on July 3, 2022. She wanted to use the prizemoney on trips and help out her children.

A few months prior, to Ms. Fafardโ€™s win, Saskatchewan also saw Scott Wheatley from Regina winning over CA$1 million on a VLT. His windfall was also through Vault Breaker and was triggered at Reginaโ€™s Four Seasons Palace in May 2022. With the money, he planned to put a portion of them in his savings and his retirement, as well as buy a new truck.

Their wins were possible via WCLC, which is a state-run agency that is responsible for managing, conducting, and operating video lottery-related activities as a body for the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority. The latter owns a network of over 4,200 VLTs which are located in more than 570 locations in 270 communities in the Province of Saskatchewan.

Source: โ€œSask. man plans Paris trip after $1 million VLT winโ€ CTV News, August 9, 2023

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