Resorts World Casino New York City with Interactive Platform

Resorts World Casino New York City wants to step up its game and become even more interactive with its casino patrons down the road. This would be possible with the introduction of its brand new vanity phone number – **RWNYC. Patrons could now dial it and keep in touch with everything new around the premium casino location in the Big Apple. This new project comes as a result fo the collaboration with StarStar Mobile.

Staying in touch with potential customers is essential for every business and for the success rate of the services it offers. Resorts World Casino New York City is aware of that and it is ready to step up its game with the help of innovation and attention to detail. The casino resort is ready to launch its special vanity phone service.

Vanity Phone Introduced

Vanity phones are among the beloved classics people have grown up with, but the popularity of this offering has grown over the recent years. Players have the opportunity to dial the special number and letters combination and receive more information on everything new at the casino resort. They have the ability to do so via every phone they have in their vicinity.

Marketing strategies such as this one aim to keep players engaged with everything up for grabs at the casino venue, as well as promote any new offerings coming their way. It would also aim to increase the number of individuals making their way to the casino resort, as it would promote the riveting live tournaments and more transforming the venue. As of now, the special offer has been introduced by the integrated resort’s newspaper.

Players have also been informed of the new offerings through the existing out of home campaigns taking place regularly. Increasing its popularity in the foreseeable future would be possible thanks to the TV spots currently being created. StarStar Mobile would be able to bring a truly interactive experience for the people interested in the casino location.

Potential Patrons Could Call

This new offering is based on a simple but very impactful principle for keeping players engaged and interact with them in one of the most convenient ways. Patrons have to dial the phone which then triggers a text message to their phone. It contains a link to the special online platform giving them more information on the casino resort.

They would have the chance to learn more about the ways they could make a reservation. In addition to that, they would also be able to add more to their reservation through the request form available. Casino patrons would also be facilitated when receiving VIP status, as this platform is optimized to grant them the option to upgrade their stay.

It is an interactive platform that is set to make Resorts World Casino New York City stand out in the crowd. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint subscribers would all be allowed access to the interactive offering optimizing it to the fullest. It should also be taken into account that the casino resort would now have access to the phone numbers of people interested in everything it has up for grabs. They could receive more information on future campaigns and new products available.

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