Quebec Young Multimillionare Grabs CA$70m Lotto MAX Jackpot

Lotto MAX took its time to accumulate a record jackpot at a breakneck speed over the past few weeks, as more and more individuals were eager to purchase a ticket for the upcoming draw. The latest lottery millionaire in Canada is a 22-year-old worker at IGA grocery store who purchased the right ticket ahead of the latest lottery draw. This made him eligible for a cash payout of CA$70 million.

Canadians have been eager to lay their hands on a Lotto MAX ticket ever since the Main prize coming with it began to grow progressively. Every weekly draw without a winner meant a bigger jackpot, as well as even more individuals making their way to the retail locations selling those tickets. The numbers infused with meaning had the potential to change lives.

Lotto MAX Proves Generosity

Following several weeks without a jackpot claimed, the Main prize managed to reach its cap placed at the CA$70-million mark. The jackpot cannot grow past that point and the only thing multiplying is the additional CA$1-million prizes coming with the Main prize. Their number also grew, as more and more people were eager to win big with a simple lottery ticket purchase.

One player that has close encounters with lottery ticket retailing on a daily basis also decided to make his way into the lottery craze. Gregory Mathieu is the player who managed to match all the numbers needed for this grand jackpot. February 25 was the special day of this Lotto MAX draw, drawing players to the TV or smartphone screens for the regular ticket scan.

The numbers printed on Mr. Mathieu’s ticket were 15, 32, 36, 40, 41, 43, 48 and this made it possible for the player to become eligible for the record jackpot. Quebec has never seen such a lottery windfall and this draw is sure to go down in history as a memorable one. Along with the Main prize, some of the Maxmillions prizes were also grabbed in Quebec, Ontario, the Prairies, and Atlantic Canada.

22-year-old Winner

Eight of those were won either in their entirety or halved between two tickets but it is safe to say that many winners are about to forever be bonded by their win on February 25, 2020. As for the winner, his quick identification is a precedent in itself. Loto-Québec was seeking the winner, once it became clear that the special ticket was sold in the province.

However, no player contacted the Crown corporation over the following hours. This is when Mr. Mathieu’s coworkers reported that he scanned the winning ticket in their IGA Extra grocery store in the Saint-Romuald district of Levis and he is the winner. Upon finding out he is the winner, the young grocery bagger began shaking and crying, overwhelmed by the good news. His father arrived at the store to drive him home.

At the moment, the family house where Mr. Mathieu lives with his parents was empty, but this Friday is expected to see the official press conference hosted by Loto-Québec. It is about to present the winner with the Main prize, as well as with a photo with the coveted cheque. The IGA coworkers expressed their contentment with the jackpot, saying he is a very lucky young man that should use the jackpot wisely.

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