Quebec Reveals the Last Weekly Vax Lotto Winners

Quebec has officially concluded its weekly vaccine lottery draw at the end of August, and now the province prepared for the grand prize of CA$1,000,000. With the end of the weekly draws, the province has also announced the last set of winners of a CA$150,000 prize for adults and scholarships for the age from 12 to 17.

The government of Quebec, similarly to other Canadian jurisdictions introduced the vaccination lottery as an incentive to get more people immunized for the unprecedented situation. This way the province will be able to return sooner to the normal way of life and move on from the virus. However, the vaccination rate started to stagnate and thus the lottery was launched.

Final Weekly Draw

The last weekly draw for Quebec’s vaccine lottery promotion was held on August 27, 2021. The draw determined that Montérégie resident Jacques Salvas was the winner of the last CA$150,000 cash prize for adults. Zachary Diotte, also of Montérégie, and Marc-Antoine Sweeney Quimper of Mauricie were the two winners of a scholarship prize each worth CA$10,000.

The draw on August 27 was the last one of the weekly draws, which awarded Quebecers who have received at least one dose of a vaccine for the virus. Now, the final round will be taking place on September 3, 2021, and eligible residents of the province will be the ones who had all of their doses of a vaccine.

The grand prize in the September 3 draw will be in the amount of CA$1,000,000 for fully-vaccinated individuals over 18 years of age. There will also be 16 scholarships for the vaccinated demographic of 12 to 17 years old children, each worth CA$20,000. In addition to that, there will be an all-inclusive Cancun vacation, free flights, and iPhone 12s. The registration period closed down on August 31.

First Draw

At the beginning of August, Quebec hosted its first lotto vax draw, and shortly after it announced the first winner of the special campaign. The first CA$150,000 cash prize for adults was won by Jean-Gabriel Mercier-Rancourt from Montérégie. And Thomas Langlais also from Montérégie, and Anaïs S McMurray, from Montreal, were the first winner of scholarship awards both worth CA$10,000.

Alberta’s Program

The province of Alberta has also introduced a similar vaccine lottery promotion in order to encourage more people to get the jab. The campaign’s name is Open for the Summer, and it started earlier than Quebec’s one. On July 1, the province even revealed the identity of the first winner with Tracey McIvor from Langdon winning the first and hefty CA$1,000,000 prize.

There are two more draws for a CA$1,000,000 prize, but in order for the residents to be eligible, they must first get two doses of a vaccine and be over the age of 18. The province informed that 1.7 million residents were eligible for the first draw, and explained that if locals have entered the first draw, they will be automatically registered for the next two draws in August and in September.

Source: “Quebec Announced The Winners Of The Final Weekly Vaccine Lottery Draw”, MTL Blog, August 31, 2021

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