PokerStars Targets New Generation via Solidified Twitch Partnership

Toronto-based The Stars Group is on a constant pursuit of offering the most comprehensive gaming in an ever-changing industry. PokerStars recently introduced a new feature, allowing players to connect their Twitch accounts. Further motivating is the fact that this linking brings them added benefits and perks in their future gaming activities. The collaboration has been in the works for quite some time.

There is a fine line between gaming and gambling and many companies cross it or significantly blur it with their new offerings and endeavors. Nowadays the esports industry amounts to some US$1.9 billion on a global scale and its popularity is rapidly growing. Online gaming and online poker activities are also among the preferred pastime activities for many individuals across the US and worldwide.

Online poker enthusiasts now have the chance to enter the platform and access all of its functionalities via their Twitch account. This comes to show that the two companies are willing to continue their partnership and bring new benefits to the individuals eager to play premium poker online.

Scott Goodall, Head of Poker Communities & Engagement at The Stars Group, made it clear that the company is willing to learn from it. Encouraging current Twitch users to join the PokerStars team and register on its platform is also among the possible outcomes of this collaboration. They will be able to enter the system in an optimized manner simply with the typing of their username and password into the pop-up window.

They also have the option to sign up, if they do not have a Twitch account yet. Linking their account comes with additional benefits. Two Platinum Passes guaranteeing a spot at the PokerStars Players No-Limit Holdโ€™em Championship are among the special giveaways players could enter. The second edition of this poker gathering is about to transform Barcelona, Spain into a poker hotspot in August 2020.

Linking Adds Special Promotional Games

The Stars Group wants to expand its influence and become appealing to an entirely new generation of online users. With mobile gaming becoming more popular and Twitchโ€™s growing popularity and regular streams, individuals of legal age could enjoy it whenever they feel like it. This also creates the opportunity of further exploration of the online field, possibly coming across online poker events.

Up until now, players also had the option of linking their Twitch and PokerStars accounts, if they were among the PokerStars channelโ€™s subscribers paying a monthly fee of US$4.99. Every month, those players had the chance to win a special Chest offering cash prizes or a pass to one of the live or online tournaments in store. The collaboration between the two leaders commenced in 2015 when PokerStars greenlighted its verified channel on Twitch.

Everyone interested could watch live streams of premium poker by some of the worldโ€™s accomplished pros. This year was also special, because the poker brand increased the number of ambassadors with fresh poker streamers, drawing the attention of poker enthusiasts around the globe. There is also the interactive part of this collaboration, allowing players to cast their vote on live poker action and the way a hand should be played while it is happening.

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