NY Organization Starts New Lottery for Minors Awareness Campaign

The New York’s Responsible Play Partnership has recently started a brand-new public service campaign that is designed to raise awareness for the downside of gifting lottery products to minors. The media campaign is officially titled “Responsibility is Always a Bright Idea”, and reminds locals that there could be long-term harm in gifting a minor a lottery ticket for the holidays.

The organization is comprised of the New York State Gaming Commission, New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports, and the New York Council on Problem Gambling, which urges locals to take greater responsibility when making lottery gifts, this holiday season. Since lottery products are designed for individuals 18 years old or above.

Concerning Issue

Lottery Director Gweneth Dean said that the Lottery wants to remind all New Yorkers that in order to purchase a scratch-off ticket an individual must be of legal age. She noted that the campaign is an opportunity to educate local players, retailers, and gift-givers about the importance of discouraging underage lottery play, as it could have some serious problems down the road.

“Responsibility is Always a Bright Idea” reminds adults from New York State not to encourage their underage children to play lottery games and urges them to never buy them one. According to a study, underaged gamblers have a higher chance to suffer from compulsive gambling conditions later in their life.

OASAS Executive Deputy Commissioner Sean Byrne says that the organization is proud to partner with other members of the NY’s Responsible Play Partnership in this new campaign. According to the official, the campaign should help to ensure that underage children do not participate in lottery plays or similar gambling activities and that delaying the onset of gambling can prevent future gambling conditions.

The multimedia campaign is inspired by the National Council on Problem Gambling’s annual “Gift Responsibly”, and it is broadcasted and advertised on TV, radio, retail locations, social media, and lottery products and scripts. Additionally, the RPP will receive help from New York’s Thruway Authority, Department of Motor Vehicles and Office of General Services, which will also display the campaign’s promotional materials at travel plazas, offices, and public spaces.

February Efforts

During this year’s Problem Gambling Awareness Month, the New York Council on Problem Gambling started a new initiative devoted to helping gamblers experiencing problematic conditions. The organization urged everyone who is experiencing such issues or knows such individuals to contact them and seek help. According to a study, 2 million U.S. residents are meeting the criteria of facing severe gambling addiction, therefore the problem should not be overlooked.

Taking Responsibility

Back in 2020, the unprecedented situation did not stop the New York Council on Problem Gambling from hosting its Annual Conference. Due to social distancing protocols, the event was held entirely online and it was a two-day thing. The event introduces some new topics of discussion such as Generation Z: Natural Born Problem Gamblers, focusing on the younger generation of gambling and the Reflections on Problem Gambling and Poverty/Homelessness.

Source: “New York’s Responsible Play Partnership launches awareness campaign on ‘perils of gifting Lottery tickets to minors’”, Niagara Frontier Publications, December 1, 2021

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