NY Busts Illegal Gambling House in Rochester

New York has dealt with another case of an illegal gambling ring, but this time in Rochester. Last Friday, federal prosecutors reported that seven individuals will now face charges in court in relation to a multi-million-dollar illegal gambling den. These activities were allegedly held inside Suite B at 565 Blossom Road and even ran sports betting online via sport700.com.

The illegal gambling ring was uncovered back in April 2021, when investigators followed a search warrant. According to prosecutors, an unknown number of people at the side escaped, while eight others were temporarily arrested. Meanwhile, investigators seized documents including gambling ledgers and timestamped printouts of online gambling account activities.

Last Week’s Developments

At the site, authorities seized cell phones which reportedly belonged to Louis P. Ferrari II and Dominic Sprague which contained evidence of sports betting. Also, numerous calls and texts saw discussion of wagering, collection of winnings, and payment of losses. According to the court, the two individuals co-owned and operated illegal poker games, while Mr. Ferrari was responsible for online activities.

Anthony Amato was reported to have governed the website and aided the creation of user accounts while also managing individual bettors and overseeing sub-agents who had their own books of bettors. Mr. Ferrari was responsible for collecting cash payment and laundering it via his business, Ferrari Excavating. He faces conspiracy, the transmission of wagering information, running illegal gambling, and money-washing charges.

Mr. Sprague is reported to have been a sub-agent of the online operations and had his own book of individual bettors whose records he tracked at his pawn shop. He faces conspiracy, transmission of wagering information, and operation of illegal gambling businesses as charges. Meanwhile, Joseph Lombardo and Jeffrey Boscarino were allegedly sub-agents under Mr. Ferrari.

Mr. Lombardo and Mr. Boscarino, and James Civeletti, a staff member from the pawn shop, are charged with transmission of wagering information and conspiracy. Meanwhile, Tomasso Sessa, who was involved in dealing with day-to-day operations at the illegal gambling den at Blossom Road is now facing charges of unlawful gambling business and conspiracy.

Illegal Gambling a Problem in Canada Too

Up north in Canada, authorities have also had to deal with a fair share of illegal gambling operations. Most recently, in January 2023, Richmond RCMP reported that it had searched a house at Skaha Crescent where it discovered an alleged unlawful gambling den. According to reports, sixteen people were arrested, including two non-Canadian citizens.

Back in 2021, the Toronto police department busted a smaller-scale illegal gaming house at Spadina Avenue and Dundas Street West. The police informed that 14 people were caught gambling red-handed and later arrested by the on-duty policemen. In addition, that huge cash amount was found at the scene of the crime, however, the amount remains undisclosed.

Source: β€œ7 charged for illegal gambling ring in Rochester” 13WHAM, February 24, 2023

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