New York State Might See Expanded Sports Betting

New York State is questioning whether or not it would see mobile sports wagering approved before the end of 2020, but there might be time left for another aspect of the gaming offering. Assemblyman Gary Pretlow sent a special letter addressing the issue with collegiate tournaments held on a state level. He wants to see the regulation being changed in a way that allows wagering on those types of sports events.

Wagering on sports events within the borders of the State of New York has been a topic of wide discussion for quite a while. It is its very nature that causes many concerns and turbulence across the gaming community. People want to see online sports wagering legalized, as this would make their gaming activities more convenient.

Wagering on Collegiate Events

Right now individuals have to make their way to a commercial or a tribal casino location and place a bet in person in one of the sports betting lounges there are. The special zones offer drinks and food, striving to make the experience a well-rounded one, but online wagering supporters have pointed out that nothing compares to wagering in the comfort of one’s home.

Earlier this year, Gov. Andrew Cuomo talked about a slight liberalization of sports wagering, possibly allowing wagering on events to take place on the premises of the adjacent casino floor as well. However, online sports wagering remains only in supporters’ dreams. Sen. Joseph Addabbo recently made it clear that April 1 would be the deadline for a conversation on the subject, at least for this year.

It would see the approval of the 2020 state budget. If this particular sports wagering expansion has not been approved by that date, the conversation would be renewed at the very beginning of 2021. February 14 saw a push for something slightly different but in the same tone of gaming expansion. Assemblyman Pretlow wants to see players wager on collegiate sports events.

This Year Sees Online Sports Betting Push

At the moment, this offering is prohibited in New York State and locals cannot wager on collegiate sports events. Mr. Pretlow addressed the issue in a letter to Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie seeking more wagering opportunities for the people that might be interested in them. He proposed wagering on events taking place in the state but refraining from wagering on New York collegiate teams.

Along with that, he also pointed out that this year sports wagering support is expected to be more proactive and beat the efforts of 2019. There is a US$6.1-billion hole in the state budget that could be improved by more generous gross gambling revenue. Along with the improvement of the deficit, the New York State education system is projected to benefit immensely. A new study commissioned by FanDuel and DraftKings revealed a staggering image.

The study performed by Eilers & Krejcik highlights that the state coffers miss anywhere between US$203 million and US$286 million without online sports wagering. New Yorkers prefer to use the advanced gaming offerings New Jersey has up for grabs and pour some US$837 million into their sportsbooks. The two fantasy sports leaders also support the gaming expansion, whereas Gov. Cuomo points out that its benefits could not be proven.

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