New Survey Looks into COVID-19 Impact on Canadian Gambling

Canadian Gaming Association is seeking more answers related to the spreading COVID-19 influence on the gaming industry in Canada. Finding answers is going to be possible with the help of the soon-to-launch survey which could be filled by anyone involved with the gaming community. The result of it is about to improve the assistance casino operators offer their employees.

Provinces and territories of Canada have been experiencing the impact of the novel coronavirus has had across all industries. This includes the gaming one, featuring casino locations gambling halls, lottery offerings, as well as online gaming. At the moment most casino venues in Canada are indefinitely closed and some of their employees face temporary layoffs.

Canadian Gaming Association Launches Survey

The Canadian Gaming Association is seeking ways in which it could implement adequate measures down the road. A survey seeking a better understanding of the situation is currently under development, as it seeks the most comprehensive answers coming from the people participating in it. The lockdown is inevitably going to have an impact on the gaming field and the industry would need help coping with it.

Along with the employees, this closure of gaming facilities is also going to impact the suppliers working in close collaboration with the casino operators. There are also other businesses closely involved in a regular casino operation that would also feel the impact of the closure. Over the upcoming weeks, individuals associated with the local gambling field would have the chance to learn more about the survey and eventually take part in it.

Along with that announcement, the Canadian Gaming Association has also revealed more about the current situation within the local gambling field, as well as the extent to which the novel coronavirus has impacted it. The statistics recently issued would be of good use for the organizations seeking assistance from the governments. The data accumulated covers the first two weeks of the lockdown that might have to take longer than projected.

Essential Data Issued

There are 114 casino venues within the borders of Canada and for the time being, most of them have been shut down until March 29. Once this date arrives, a reevaluation of the situation would be needed and the lockdown would possibly be extended until a later date. In addition to the casino locations, there are also 200 bingo halls that were also closed mid-March.

Upwards of 182,500 employees rely on the casino field for their employment and monthly wage as of March 2020. The data revealed by the Canadian Gaming Association also points out that on an annual basis about CA$1 billion goes for the wages of these individuals. Moreover, some CA$765 million in revenue makes its way to the government and the various charitable organizations benefiting from the gaming operation.

The day-to-day operation of the land-based casinos was also associated with additional purchases amounting to CA$14.6 billion on an annual basis. This amount is projected to be lower at the end of this year. Along with the gambling offerings every casino has up for grabs, there are also family-friendly offerings that witness some CA$1 billion on an annual basis. Upcoming weeks are expected to see more development on the subject.

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