Manitoba Holds Second Vax to Win Draw

This week, the province of Manitoba revealed the winners from its second draw of the Vax to Win lottery campaign. The promotion aim is to incentivize more people from the province to get the jab in the battle with the unprecedented situation. The second draw awarded locals with some hefty cash prizes and scholarships for the younger demographic.

For the first and the second draw, the province has paid out over CA$1,900,000 in cash prizes for residents that are vaccinated. Along with that the lotto awarded numerous scholarships each worth CA$25,000 for children from the age of 12 to 17 and have also been immunized for the unprecedented situation.

More Winners

The province announced the winners of the second draw on Tuesday morning. The second round awarded CA$950,000 in cash prizes for adults and ten scholarships to teenagers. The cash prizes were shared by seven adults from the province, with three of them from the Winnipeg health region, and one in each other health region worth CA$100,000.

CEO of Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries, Manny Atwal, stated that the true winner of the vax lotto promotion in the province. Mr. Atwal thanked everyone who got vaccinated, and thus helped the province to protect locals. At the time of the second draw, over 85.2% of the eligible population has had at least one dose of a vaccine and 81.1% with both.

The winners of the cash prizes from the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority are Cuba Bazimya, Inderjit Virdi, and Michaelle Cruz. Gertie Bruce from the Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority, and Edward Queskekapow, Northern Regional Health Authority are also among the winners. As well as James Hopfner from Prairie Mountain Health and Russell Peters from Southern Health.

The scholarship rewards are given to Tristan Plourde, Levi Alexander, Christian Anthony Dizon, Theo Friesen, Ellen Clark, Drew Hall, Aubrey Trenholm, Oluwademilade (Demmy) Oni, Sara Dixon, and Paul Concha. These scholarships can be used to attend any post-secondary school in the world. And if the winner of one, does not plan on going to university, the money will be put in a trust that can be accessed to pay for education until they are 20.

First Draw Results

The winners from the first round of Vax to Win were announced by Manitoba in the middle of August. The round also awarded seven CA$100,000 cash prizes to Kerry Maskiew, Trent Fingler, Garth Deleske, Jacqueline Martel, John Lyons, Dustin McDuff, and Bernell Lavallee. Additionally, the draw has also granted ten scholarships to children from 12 to 17 and are vaccinated.

Similar Promotion

Alberta is another province that has also introduced a similar vaccination lottery incentive program to its residents. The province’s campaign is named Open for Summer, and Tracey McIvor from the small town of Langdon was the first big winner of CA$1 million prize. Alberta’s program is only for locals over the age of 18 and have been vaccinated against the virus. The province hosted two more draws in August and September.

Source: β€œWinners of Manitoba’s 2nd COVID-19 vaccine lottery draw announced”, CBC News, October 5, 2021

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