Lightning Strikes with New Lightning Lotto Ticket

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation aims to surprise the gaming enthusiasts across the province with its premium gaming offerings and new features. Lightning Lotto is its brand new draw-based lottery ticket coming with a progressive jackpot starting at CA$125,000. Individuals will get the chance to find out whether they win or not as soon as they make the ticket purchase.

The Crown corporation is always on the hunt for new offerings that could enhance one’s life and make it much more riveting. Lottery tickets have always been popular among Ontario residents, as both draw-based and scratchers come with a variety of themes and intriguing prizes that could be bagged instantly or once the regular weekly draw commences.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation

The thrill of lottery gaming is one of the main selling points of this experience, but the progressive jackpot factor would sure attract an even wider crowd of individuals ready to experience something new. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation wants to ensure that players feel entertained during the autumn months which is why it recently unveiled its brand new lottery ticket.

Lightning Lotto is the only one in the province, which comes with pre-drawn numbers on a daily basis. The digits are drawn before sales commence every day and players purchasing one or several of the tickets get the chance to instantly see whether they win or not. Lottery fans have the opportunity to learn the good news as soon as they purchase the ticket, meaning that the winners among them will become richer right there and then.

As it was revealed by the Crown corporation, the jackpot coming with this lottery ticket has a minimal amount of CA$125,000 and it is set to grow with each passing play. Lori Sullivan, Ontario Lottery Gaming’s Chief Operating Officer, said that the revolutionary approach will eliminate waiting time for the players. The rapid nature of the game is expected to make it even more popular.

New Draw-Based Lotto Game

Nowadays fewer and fewer people want to sit around and patiently wait for something to happen, popular draw-based lottery offerings such as Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 each come with two weekly draws, as players want to see the results of their lottery ticket purchase as soon as possible. The new Lightning Lotto ticket costs CA$2 by Quick Pick.

Once the jackpot is bagged, it will reset to its minimal amount and start growing once again fueled by each lottery ticket purchase. The pace of this game is so quick that the jackpot could be bagged more than once a day. Individuals have to choose five numbers between 1 and 49 and hope for the best.

The five numbers for that particular day are drawn ahead of sales with the help of a Random Number Generator. This means that players could win first thing in the morning. About 10,000 retail outlets across Ontario now have special tickets in sale. The odds of winning big as a result of the ticket purchase are 1 in 4.47.

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