Kamloops Casinos Bounce Back After Previous Closure

According to the recent reports from the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, both Chances Casino and Cascades Casino in Kamloops are now enjoying life and performing quite well. The Crown agency’s Director of Public Affairs, Greg Walker, stated that the two casinos in Kamloops have managed to bounce back from the last year’s closure.

Similar to most businesses, the casino industry has also been heavily scarred from the unprecedented situation’s emergence. All land-based gaming properties in the province of British Columbia were closed down for a huge portion of the last year and a half. They officially suspended work in March 2020 and were able to restart work this summer.

Performing Well

In a recent City Council meeting, the Crown’s Director of Public Affairs, Mr. Walker commented that both of the casino properties in Kamloops are doing exceptionally well. He says that not only they are doing financially well, but all the staff members seem to be in a cheerful mood. He believes that staff is more than happy to return to work and it can be seen.

After provincial orders on October 25, 2021, casinos in the province are able to welcome guests at their full capacity. However, in order for one to enter they need to present proof of full vaccination, and the Crown reminds that they still need to wear masks inside the properties, as well as try and keep social distance between them.

Mr. Walker further added that with the July 1 reopening of the casinos it was great to see that patrons still showed great interest in gambling. According to him, there were even lines forming outside of the facilities once they restarted operations. He also added that the two properties in Kamloops are doing quite well in terms of revenue.

Mayor Ken Christian commented that the successful bounce of casinos in B.C. is tremendous news for the city and the province. He says that having two operational gaming amenities in the city at their full capacity is great as they can now help out local community groups and non-profits with their revenue payments.

Significant Impact

Previously, Thompson Rivers University economist, Peter Tsigaris, conducted a study on the BCLC’s impact on Kamloops. And according to the research, the Crown has managed to contribute over CA$2.2 to the local economy in its 35 years of operations. For the 2019-20 fiscal year alone, the Crown has delivered the impressive CA$73 million to Kamloops, which is one percent of the city’s annual gross domestic product.

Newest Safety Protocols

At the end of November, the BCLC announced that it will be implementing new health and safety measures for its employees. Starting from November 22, 2021, staff members must present proof of full vaccination to enter the premises. This way, the Crown aims to provide a safe working environment when the staff returns to the offices in the province.

Source: Kaisar, Victor “Kamloops casinos ‘kicking on all cylinders’ after COVID-19 hiatus, BCLC says”, Radio NL 610 AM, December 8, 2021

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