Is Free Alcohol Just What the Doctor Ordered for Niagara Falls Casinos?

Free alcohol could soon become a reality in Niagara Falls casino venues, as the new budget introduced by Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government projects. It is still in its blueprint phase and many amendments could be introduced, but the idea of bringing complimentary alcohol to casino venues near the US border appears to excite the gaming field.

Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati was among the first to praise the potential change of regulations that would allow complimentary drinks on tap for casino patrons. He pointed out that this change has been eyed for quite a while by the local casino management, as the locations felt the need to live up to the expectations of casino patrons. It is no secret that rival casino locations across the border are able to provide them with free booze.

Casino Venues Want to Be Competitive

In order to remain competitive and prevent customers from going south, Niagara Falls gaming venues look forward to the greenlighting of this so-called party budget that could allow this added feature. The Mayor pointed out that up until now, casino locations to the likes of Casino Niagara and Fallsview Casino Resort have had to put up with the unfair competition of nearby American gaming venues.

Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino has been one of the main rivals, which is only a couple of kilometers away and offers free drinks for slot machine players. All players have to do is cross Niagara River and find themselves in a land of dreams where alcohol consumption is for free while gambling. This makes gaming sessions longer and players tend to spend more, eventually losing larger sums.

Ontario’s government shows that it relies on people to make conscious decisions and be responsible for their actions in casino venues. Even though intoxication could impact the decision-making process of a gambling enthusiast, a healthy relationship with the activity is recommended. Gambling addiction concerns have increased ever since the introduction of this budget, but there are always two sides to the coin.

Keeping Up with the US Standards

Up until now, Ontario has prohibited free drinks in its casino venues, while purchasing them has remained an option for players. Locals have also expressed their thoughts regarding the pricing of certain beverages and the fact that Niagara Falls is not the cheapest place to get drinks. Mayor Diodati has also been rooting for this change for several years now. It could be recalled that over the past four years he has been pushing for the change.

With his regular conversation with the government prompting a change and liberation that could be beneficial down the road, he sought a change. Provincial officials want to fill in budget gaps with the introduction of many new gaming offerings such as online gaming and sports wagering. In this sense, free alcohol in casino venues sounds like a good push towards bigger gaming revenue and better allocations to city coffers.

The change would not only keep Canadian players in Canada spending their cash in local casinos but also attract American casino patrons that are already used to having free drinks while gaming. With the potential launch of sports wagering in New York this year, the need for adequate competitiveness increases even further. More than 4,000 individuals rely on a steady income thanks to Niagara Falls gaming venues and they would feel the change as well.

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