Is ALC Enabling Problem Gambling in Atlantic Canada?

Atlantic Lottery Corporation knows how important online gaming is right now, as many people have more times on their hands and devices they could access the digital platform with. An online casino available only in New Brunswick allows individuals to place bets amounting to CA$100 on single spins of the online slot games offered. This surpasses the legal limits.

It should be noted that each province works on its set of rules guarding its gaming field and protecting individuals willing to try their luck. When it comes to New Brunswick, video lottery terminals allowing in-person gaming accept wagers reaching CA$2.50 per spin. This promotes a healthy relationship with gambling for a wider range of people. Online gaming in New Brunswick allows more.

New Brunswick Online Casino

Atlantic Lottery Corporation knows just how important online gaming is in this day and age. Players have more time on their hands and brick-and-mortar casinos remain closed for their own protection. Physical distancing is required at all times in public spaces across Canada. Online casino games have seen a surge in popularity over the past ten months.

The Crown corporation has worked on the complete revamping of its online platform and the summer of 2020 witnessed the unveiling of its new online casino. There are about 35 premium slot games available exclusively to the players hailing from New Brunswick. The initial plan for action included all four Atlantic Canadian provinces, but eventually, only New Brunswick received approval to witness the online casino that launched last year.

Atlantic Lottery Canada worked on its offerings and the betting options coming with each slot title available. It carefully evaluated the situation and came up with bets to the likes of CA$40 per spin, CA$80, and ultimately the aforementioned CA$100 single-spin bet. The Crown corporation’s Spokesperson Molly Cormier shared more details on the subject recently. She said that online gaming and in-person gaming come with different bet limits.

High Bet Limits

Ms. Cormier pointed out that there is a significant difference between video lottery terminals available for in-person gaming sessions in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island on one hand and online gaming New Brunswick residents can now enjoy. When it comes to the latter, Atlantic Lottery Corporation took into account the local wagering regulations.

The wide palette of gaming products, as well as the bet limits, are adequate to the local gaming field players are used to. Moreover, the Crown corporation has also taken into account the bet limits offered by other provincial digital gaming platforms in Canada. For years now, the Crown corporation has been touting small bets available during in-person gaming sessions, aiming to protect players from great financial burden and worsening their relationship with gambling.

Along with the online slot offerings, the Crown corporation also introduced premium table games online in August 2020. The online baccarat introduced back then came with betting limits of up to CA$250. Players can also explore the online blackjack up for grabs, coming with bets of CA$500 per hand. More information will be coming from the New Brunswick’s Department of Finance by the end of this week.

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