Illegal Gambling Websites Target Canadian Patrons

Illegal gambling is quite the issue nowadays and Canadian Crown corporations want to battle it with joint forces. The five provincial gaming corporations want to work in unison and seek the support of the federal government and encourage it to continue working with the provinces and regulators. Canadian players must be protected from misleading advertising and illegal gambling websites within the newly expanded online gaming field.

Ontario’s online gambling and sports betting market is the first private business model of this kind in Canada where only provinces offer online gaming products. The market launched on April 4, 2022, and since then its regulator the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has given the go-ahead to more than 20 operators to join and offer their products to local audiences.

Support across the Provinces

British Columbia Lottery Corporation, Atlantic Lottery Corporation, Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis, Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation, and Loto-QuΓ©bec have joined forces in order to protect the patrons across the Canadian provinces. They have made a point that the offshore online gaming websites target Canadian patrons and invite them to try a practically illegal gambling activity.

Across media outlets these websites advertise their mirror “free-to-play” websites and this is especially true when it comes to the time when popular sports events are taking place. This is when individuals are more likely to try a new gambling activity and place a sports bet for the first time. This is also when illegal casino operators claim to have their best interest at heart and invite them to explore their platforms.

The Crown corporations also pointed out that these gambling-related ads are broadcasted across all Canadian provinces and make it hard for the patrons to distinguish whether a given gambling activity is legally permitted or not. It should be noted that the regulated gaming sites available right now abound and should be preferred by Canadian patrons.

Virtual Gaming

Atlantic Lottery Corporation President and Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Daigle, made it clear that there has been major research on the subject and many individuals appear to be unaware of whether a gambling website operates in a legal manner or not. This is not written clearly on the illegal websites in question. The way to go is by sounding the alarm when it comes to the regulations and laws in place.

H2 Gambling Capital concluded in June 2022 that the Canadian online gambling market is estimated to grow to CA$6.2 billion by 2026. In the meantime, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Corporation, President and Chief Executive Officer Manny Atwal reminded that the Crown corporation return profits to the host communities and the provinces, unlike the illegal gambling websites targeting Canadian individuals.


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