Focusing on the Fun: A Study on Casino de Montreal’s Vegas Nights

Casino de Montreal is among the emblematic gambling locations in Quebec, as it brings together people with similar gaming interests. It always aims to bring more to the table and it proved it with its Vegas Nights taking place last fall. Now Concordia’s Centre for Sensory Studies has conducted a study on the various features and techniques this experienced introduced.

Every casino venue has its tricks to make people feel at home in the luxurious setting it has up for grabs. People enter and they forget about the outside world for a couple of hours, as they discover all the riveting gaming offerings there are in store. The premium experience was amplified for the players hailing from Montreal back in September and October 2019.

Vegas Nights

Back then, the renowned Vegas Nights events managed to transport players to the gambling capital of the world, the fabulous Las Vegas. This happened with the help of various special techniques that have been thoroughly studied in the recently finished research. It aimed to unveil the secrets and learn more about the human being while participating in gambling activities.

It was conducted by interdisciplinary scholar Erin Lynch at the Centre for Sensory Studies, David Howes, a Professor of Anthropology and the Co-Director of the center, as well as Associate Professor of Sociology Martin French. The three individuals have looked into all the specific details of the casino venue layout and everything surrounding it, as they affect the people participating in the promotional events with the Vegas theme.

Ms. Lynch, the lead author of the study pointed out that the way casinos see it, the design and layout is one of the essential parts of their daily operation. Individuals interested in gaming want to have a well-rounded experience leaving a lasting impact on them when they enter the casino and spend some time there.

Centre for Sensory Studies

The research wanted to delve into the way a patron’s senses reacted and were being stimulated by the Vegas Nights experience at Casino de Montreal about a year ago. Individuals were able to see in person drag queens, magicians, as well as the true culture of Las Vegas in all its vibrancy. The experience itself transported players to Las Vegas, but it also brings the international spirit of all traveling hotspots.

Casino de Montreal also comes with its Centre du Hasard, promoting player protection at all times and aiming to teach patrons about the healthy relationship with gambling they could have. It brings more information in times of need so that players can have the chance to make an informed choice while gambling. The paper itself focuses on the hidden risks casino gaming comes with.

It also sheds more light on the positive impact this experience could have on the individual. Mr. French stated that more research should be done in the direction of the potential excellent experience patrons could have while gaming. The paper itself was published in the journal The Senses and Society.

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