Children Beware of Scratch & Win Tickets as Stocking Fillers

British Columbia Lottery Corporation knows how important the holidays are for many individuals, especially this year when everything has been and continues being so uncertain. Finding comfort in the familiar is crucial for many people and some of them are ready to give the gift of chance to their loved ones. The #GiftSmart program has launched once again.

β€˜Tis the season to be jolly and spread the love, and this is what many individuals are about to do. Lottery tickets for both draw-based and instant games are among the preferred gifts many British Columbians exchange around this time of the year, as they offer them the chance to win big in a matter of seconds and change someone’s life for good.

Problem Gambling

Even though this idea might seem like a go

od one for adults, giving lottery tickets as gifts to kids and adolescents is not considered the right thing to do. British Columbia Lottery Corporation has once again greenlighted its special program promoting responsible gambling over the holiday season.

Some important choices have to be made over the next few days. Gift-giving is a major point of the celebration, but problem gambling is an issue that should not be taken lightly. Many individuals consider giving their kids lottery tickets as presents since this could make their life so much easier, once a grand windfall comes their way. The chance for a good life or at least a life better than theirs is one of the main selling points of this Christmas present.

However, problem gambling is a thing and easily impressionable individuals such as kids and adolescents could find themselves intrigued by the world of gambling. The Crown corporation wants to remind once again that even though Scratch & Win tickets come with intrinsic details and attractive themes, they are an inappropriate Christmas gift for children.


Dr. Jamie Wiebe, Director of Player Health for BCLC, reminded that instant lottery tickets are not made for children to scratch off and win. Exposure to any form of gambling at an early age is linked to devastating consequences for the individual at a later point in their lives. Kids that have been exposed to lottery offerings are more likely to become gambling addicts later on in life.

Individuals interested in purchasing lottery tickets as gifts should give them to adults only, as they have the legal right to participate in the diverse gambling offerings British Columbia Lottery Corporation has in store. Dr. Wiebe wants to make sure that adults understand the negative impact they could have on their children or kids in their friend circle with a single lottery ticket purchase.

Their minds lack the capacity for risk evaluation and they could be drawn to the activity at an early age, eventually leading to its spiraling out of control. The special campaign is able to reach more individuals with the help of the radio and social media, as well as via some 3,500 lottery retailers on a provincial scale.

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