Canadian Expert to Evaluate Mr Green Gaming Predictive Tool

Dr. Richard Wood of Montreal, Canada has been called upon by Mr Green and Company AB to put their newly released Green Gaming Predictive Tool to the test. Dr. Wood, a chartered psychologist specializing in gaming behavior studies, is the creator of responsible gaming tools such as Gamgard which guides game developers in social responsibility, and GamTalk, a free online service providing support for people with any level of gambling-related issues.

Mr Green and Company AB has primary offices in Malta, Sweden, and the United Kingdom and operate Mr Green Casino. The company says that its Green Gaming Predictive Tool, released first to customers in the UK markets, is part of a next-generation responsible gaming initiative that uses cutting-edge methodologies and technology to help players understand and maintain control of their gambling behaviors.

In a press release, last month Per Norman of Mr Green said: “It should feel safe to play at Mr Green, and Green Gaming has been a part of our business strategy since the foundation in 2007.” Norman added, β€œWe have high ambitions, and want to be the brand you associate with Green Gaming.”

The tool was developed jointly with Sustainable Interaction AB after consultation with responsible gambling technology development expert Sebastian Gassner. Sustainable Interaction is a developer of diagnostic tools and digital products used in responsible gambling systems and in the psycho-social health fields. Sebastian Gassner, an Independent Software Consultant, studied at the Chalmers University of Technology and University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and is widely recognized as an expert in the field.

In a press release on the news.cision website (.PDF) earlier this week, Jesper Karrbrink, Chief Executive Officer for Mr Green Ltd, and a 7.75% shareholder in the larger company said: “The best way to constantly develop and move forward is to test, evaluate and be transparent.

“This is how we and the gaming industry can learn what works based on our customers’ needs to control their own risk behaviors,” saidΒ Karrbrink.

Dr. Wood will be looking at whether players will indeed gain any value from such a high tech tool, and whether they agree with the feedback it provides and will act on the “feedback, information and recommendations that they get.”

Dr. Wood and Mr Green plan to publish the findings resulting from his evaluations “for the benefit of the entire gaming industry and their customers.”

The Green Gaming Predictive Tool will analyze customers’ playing behavior in real time and combine that data with the player’s own perceptions of their gambling behavior. The tool can then alert a player if it determines they may be exhibiting risky behaviors. When certain thresholds are reached, the company will adjust its offerings and not specifically target customers with advertisements inducing them to play. Mr Green may also ask the customer if they would like to adjust their limits or even step away from gambling for a while.

No estimate was given as to when the Dr. Wood’s studies would be completed.

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