Can Mobile Sports Wagers Harm NY Gamblers?

New York State has officially approved and included mobile sports betting in its budget plan for the current fiscal year. However, concerns were raised by Western Problem Gambling Resource Center as the gambling expansion edges closer. The organization is alarmed that further broadening the gaming offerings could expose gamblers to greater risks.

Recently Governor Cuomo and the New York legislature have informed that mobile sports betting has been finally approved and it will soon be a reality in the state. Sports wagering was introduced a few years ago and now the sector is further expanding as it was reported that the state has decided to go with Gov. Cuomo’s limited operator model of operations.

Potential Issue

The Western Problem Gambling Resource Center is worried that the increased number of offerings might be problematic for individuals who are already experiencing some gambling problems. The issue must not be neglected as it can have an enormous negative impact on someone’s life and on his close ones. The organization ensures that its services are for everyone who needs help on the matter.

Compulsive gambling is a condition where the gambling habits of an individual interfere with his or her personal life and cause struggles. It can affect their personal life, lead to problems at work or even school, and some other resort to criminal activities. According to the organization, a compulsive gambler can affect 6-10 individuals from their circle of close ones. And what is more concerning is that 1 in 5 problem gamblers have attempted or died by suicide.

Additionally, the organization has provided with signs of gambling addiction among individuals, as it not so easy to identify them and they often do no realize that they are enduring problems. Lack of attending friend and family events so they, in order to gamble, can be one of the first signs. Then there are the stress and anxiety conditions when one is not gambling and doing some other activity.

And when it comes to the work environment if a colleague is absent or is preoccupied with betting can be yet another warning for compulsive gambling. The organization advises anyone who is currently experiencing such difficulties or knows someone who does to reach out for help. Western Problem Gambling Resource Center offers free consultation and its full set of services can be found on the official website.

Self-Assessment Survey

Back in March, the organization has teamed up with the New York Council on Problem Gambling as they have developed a self-assessment tool that determines whether an individual suffers from a problem gambling condition. The tool was released on Gambling Disorder Day, and everyone who has participated in the survey will be assessed based on their answers and it will later receive feedback.

Gambling Awareness Month

The month of March has been a pivotal one in the fight against gambling disorder. As the month has been proclaimed as Gambling Awareness Month. New York Council on Problem Gambling urged more people to take part in the raising awareness program in order to help as many struggling individuals as possible. According to the council over 2 million residents of the state experience, compulsive gambling and 4-6 million are enduring it to a smaller degree.

Source: Wierzbicki, Jeffrey β€œMobile sports betting expansion in NYS: How to get help with gambling problems” Niagara Frontier Publications, April 14, 2021

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